MS Biomedical Engineering

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Program Learning Objectives

  1. Analyze contemporary challenges in biomedical engineering, discover knowledge gaps, and assess needs to formulate research and development opportunities.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of biomedical engineering practice in a regulated environment.
  3. Utilize modern techniques and technologies to generate data of significance to biomedical innovations/challenges.
  4. Apply advanced engineering methods – such as theoretical, computational, or manufacturing tool­s – to the design and/or evaluation of biomedical systems.
  5. Employ statistical approaches to design experiments, and analyze & interpret data to form data-driven conclusions.
  6. Communicate engineering, biological, and medical concepts in both written and oral forms.
  7. Demonstrate independence and initiative in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to complete biomedical engineering projects at the interface between biology, medicine, and engineering.
Required Courses
BMED 520Modeling of Biomedical Systems4
or BMED 530 Biomaterials
BMED 505Biomedical Signal Transduction and Data Acquisition4
or BMED 515 Introduction to Biomedical Imaging
BMED 563Biomedical Engineering Graduate Seminar2
STAT 513Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models 14
or IME 527 Design of Experiments
BMED 599Design Project (Thesis) 29
or BMED 593 Regenerative Medicine Internship
Approved Engineering, Science and Mathematics Electives
Course selection requires advisor approval. 322
Total units45