Sustainable Environments Minor

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Required Courses
EDES 406Sustainable Environments4
EDES 408Implementing Sustainable Principles4
Approved Electives
Select from the following:16
At least 4 units must be upper division (300-400 level)
Cultural Anthropology 1
Human Cultural Adaptations 2
Urban Design in Architecture
Housing Design Concepts
Wildlife Conservation Biology
Energy for a Sustainable Society
Cities: Form, Culture and Evolution 4
Introduction to Urban Planning 4
Land Use and Transportation Studies 4
Planning for and with Multiple Publics
Cities in a Global World
Introduction to Environmental Planning 4
Environmental Planning Methods 4
Economics of Poverty, Discrimination and Immigration
Advanced Implementation of Sustainable Principles
Literary Themes (Eco-Lit)
Native American Architecture and Place
Ethnicity and the Land
Human Geography 1
Climate and Humanity
Human Impact on the Earth
Values and Technology
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 3
Natural Resource Ecology and Habitat Management 3
Watershed Processes and Management
Water Resources Technology and Society
Human Dimensions in Natural Resources Management
Ethnicity and the Land
Environmental Law
Sustainable Forest Management
Wood Properties, Products and Sustainable Uses
Senior Project - Forest Stewardship
Environmental Ethics
Physics of Energy
World Food Systems
Energy, Society and the Environment
Environmental Psychology
Cal Poly Land: Nature, Technology, and Society
The Global Environment
Appropriate Technology for the World's People: Development
Appropriate Technology for the World's People: Design
Appropriate Technology for the World's People: Design
Total units24