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Aerospace Engineering (AERO)
Agribusiness (AGB)
Agricultural and Environmental Plant Sciences (AEPS)
Agricultural Communication (AGC)
Agricultural Education (AGED)
Agriculture (AG)
Animal Science (ASCI)
Anthropology (ANT)
Architectural Engineering (ARCE)
Architecture (ARCH)
Art (ART)
Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASTR)


Biology (BIO)
Biomedical Engineering (BMED)
BioResource and Agricultural Engineering (BRAE)
Botany (BOT)
Business (BUS)


Chemistry (CHEM)
Child Development (CD)
Chinese (CHIN)
City and Regional Planning (CRP)
Civil Engineering (CE)
Communication Studies (COMS)
Computer Engineering (CPE)
Computer Science (CSC)
Construction Management (CM)


Dairy Science (DSCI)
Dance (DANC)
Data Science (DATA)


Early Start English (ESE)
Early Start Math (ESM)
Earth Science (ERSC)
Economics (ECON)
Education (EDUC)
Electrical Engineering (EE)
Engineering (ENGR)
English (ENGL)
Environmental Design (EDES)
Environmental Engineering (ENVE)
Ethnic Studies (ES)


Fire Protection Engineering (FPE)
Food Science and Nutrition (FSN)
French (FR)


Geography (GEOG)
Geology (GEOL)
German (GER)
Graduate Studies (GS)
Graduate Studies-Accounting (GSA)
Graduate Studies-Business (GSB)
Graduate Studies-Economics (GSE)
Graduate Studies-Packaging (GSP)
Graphic Communication (GRC)


History (HIST)
Honors Contract (HNRC)
Honors (HNRS)


Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME)
Industrial Technology (ITP)
Interdisciplinary Studies in Liberal Arts (ISLA)
Italian (ITAL)


Japanese (JPNS)
Journalism (JOUR)


Kinesiology (KINE)


Landscape Architecture (LA)
Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies (LAES)
Liberal Studies (LS)


Marine Science (MSCI)
Materials Engineering (MATE)
Mathematics (MATH)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Microbiology (MCRO)
Military Science Leadership (MSL)
Music (MU)


Natural Resources (NR)


Philosophy (PHIL)
Physical Education: Men (PEM)
Physical Education: Women (PEW)
Physical Science (PSC)
Physics (PHYS)
Political Science (POLS)
Psychology (PSY)


Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration (RPTA)
Religious Studies (RELS)


Science and Mathematics (SCM)
Social Sciences (SOCS)
Sociology (SOC)
Soil Science (SS)
Spanish (SPAN)
Statistics (STAT)
Systems Integration Engineering (SIE)


Theatre (TH)


University Studies (UNIV)


Wine and Viticulture (WVIT)
Women's and Gender Studies (WGS)
World Languages and Cultures (WLC)

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science                                        AG

Agribusiness                                                                                                                       AGB
Agricultural Education and Communication                                                                 AGC    AGED
Animal Science                                                                                                                   ASCI   DSCI
BioResource and Agricultural Engineering                                                                    BRAE
Experience Industry Management                                                                                 RPTA
Food Science and Nutrition                                                                                             FSN
Horticulture and Crop Science                                                                                        AEPS
Military Science                                                                                                                 MSL
Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences                                ERSC   NR   SS
Wine and Viticulture                                                                                                       WVIT

College of Architecture and Environmental Design                                                  EDES

Architectural Engineering                                                                                                ARCE
Architecture                                                                                                                       ARCH
City and Regional Planning                                                                                             CRP
Construction Management                                                                                             CM
Landscape Architecture                                                                                                   LA
Orfalea College of Business                                                                                            BUS   ECON   GSA   GSB   GSE   GSP   ITP
College of Engineering                                                                                                    ENGR   FPE
Aerospace Engineering                                                                                                    AERO
Biomedical Engineering                                                                                                   BMED
Civil and Environmental Engineering                                                                            CE   ENVE
Computer Engineering                                                                                                    CPE
Computer Science                                                                                                            CSC
Electrical Engineering                                                                                                      EE
General Engineering                                                                                                        ENGR
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering                                                                  IME   SIE
Materials Engineering                                                                                                      MATE
Mechanical Engineering                                                                                                  ME
College of Liberal Arts
Art and Design                                                                                                                  ART
Communication Studies                                                                                                  COMS
English                                                                                                                                ENGL   ESE
Ethnic Studies                                                                                                                   ES
Graphic Communication                                                                                                 GRC
History                                                                                                                                HIST
Humanities                                                                                                                        ISLA
Journalism                                                                                                                         JOUR
Music                                                                                                                                  MU
Philosophy                                                                                                                         PHIL   RELS
Political Science                                                                                                                POLS
Psychology and Child Development                                                                             CD   PSY
Social Sciences                                                                                                                 ANT   GEOG   SOC   SOCS
Theatre and Dance                                                                                                          DANC   TH
Women's and Gender Studies                                                                                       WGS
World Languages and Cultures                                                                                     CHIN   FR   GER   ITAL   JPNS  SPAN   WLC
College of Science and Mathematics                                                                          SCM
Biological Sciences                                                                                                          BIO   BOT   MCRO   MSCI
Chemistry and Biochemistry                                                                                         CHEM
Kinesiology                                                                                                                       KINE
Liberal Studies                                                                                                                  LS
Mathematics                                                                                                                    ESM   MATH
Physics                                                                                                                               ASTR   GEOL   PHYS   PSC
School of Education                                                                                                        EDUC
Statistics                                                                                                                            DATA   STAT
Extended Education                                                                                                       GS
Interdisciplinary or University-Wide
Honors Program                                                                                                              HNRC    HNRS
Intercollegiate Athletics                                                                                                 PEM    PEW
Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program                                                          LAES
University Studies                                                                                                           UNIV

Selected Topics Courses

(Summer 2017 through Spring 2019)

Selected topics courses are academic credit-bearing courses in the Cal Poly catalog that provide a generic course vehicle to offer special topics on an "as needed basis." The most common selected topics courses, 270, 470, 471, 570, 571, are available to all academic programs, and have the same generic course description.

The specific topic title appears in the Class Schedule and on the students' transcripts.

AGB 470 Economics, Society, and Beer (4) Effective Fall 2017
Examination of the economic and social influence of beer. From man's first settlement to current trends. Topics covered include historical significance, global and local policy, social equity, market structure, and new trends.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

AERO 470 Plasma Applications in Aerospace (4) Effective Fall 2017
Plasma applications in aerospace technology and operations including communications, power systems, hypersonic vehicles, space weather, shielding, stealth technology and aerodynamics. Charged particle behavior, adiabatic invariants, multi-fluid and statistical approaches. Computational modelling of plasma.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

AERO 570 Electric and Advanced Propulsion (4) Effective Spring 2016
Use of ionized gases in electric and nuclear propulsion. Electric propulsion operation, performance, selection and integration. Nuclear propulsion concepts, performance, and political and environmental concerns. Propellant-less propulsion techniques. Current state-of-the-art and developing technologies.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing or consent of instructor.

ASCI 470 Sustainable Rangeland & Livestock Management (4) Effective Summer 2017
Students will develop skills in evaluating vegetation, water quality, and wildlife habitat conditions, learn methods of manipulating vegetation, and develop experience in monitoring progress towards ecological and enterprise objectives over time. Discussion of specific California rangeland management practices.

BIO 470/471 Plant Anatomy (3) Effective Summer 2017
Comparative structure and growth of meristems. Development and structure of important cell types, tissues, tissue systems. Comparative anatomy of stem, root, leaf. Anatomy of gymnosperms, angiosperms.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Concurrent enrollment in BIO 470 and BIO 471 required. Recommended: BIO 114 or BIO 162 or BOT 121.

CRP 471 Resilience by Design: San Francisco-Lisbon (2) Effective Fall 2017
Climate change, sea level rise, and resilience by design. Interdisciplinary approaches in planning and designing resilient cities. The cases of San Francisco and Lisbon, Portugal. International collaborative studio within the scope of the ACSA/AIA National Resilience Initiative (NRI) and CAED's MOU with the School of Architecture, University of Lisbon.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

FSN 570 Food Safety Modernization Act: PCQI Training (2) Effective Spring 2016
Regulations related to certain food safety activities being completed by a "preventive controls qualified individual", under the Food Safety Modernization Act.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing or consent of instructor.