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Aerospace Engineering (AERO)
Agribusiness (AGB)
Agricultural and Environmental Plant Sciences (AEPS)
Agricultural Communication (AGC)
Agricultural Education (AGED)
Agriculture (AG)
Animal Science (ASCI)
Anthropology (ANT)
Architectural Engineering (ARCE)
Architecture (ARCH)
Art (ART)
Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASTR)


Biology (BIO)
Biomedical Engineering (BMED)
BioResource and Agricultural Engineering (BRAE)
Botany (BOT)
Business (BUS)


Chemistry (CHEM)
Child Development (CD)
Chinese (CHIN)
City and Regional Planning (CRP)
Civil Engineering (CE)
Communication Studies (COMS)
Computer Engineering (CPE)
Computer Science (CSC)
Construction Management (CM)


Dairy Science (DSCI)
Dance (DANC)
Data Science (DATA)
Disaster Management and Homeland Security (DMHS)


Early Start English (ESE)
Early Start Math (ESM)
Earth Science (ERSC)
Economics (ECON)
Education (EDUC)
Electrical Engineering (EE)
Engineering (ENGR)
English (ENGL)
Environmental Design (EDES)
Environmental Engineering (ENVE)
Ethnic Studies (ES)


Fire Protection Engineering (FPE)
Food Science and Nutrition (FSN)
French (FR)


Geography (GEOG)
Geology (GEOL)
German (GER)
Graduate Studies (GS)
Graduate Studies-Accounting (GSA)
Graduate Studies-Business (GSB)
Graduate Studies-Economics (GSE)
Graphic Communication (GRC)


History (HIST)
Honors Contract (HNRC)
Honors (HNRS)


Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME)
Industrial Technology (IT)
Interdisciplinary Studies in Liberal Arts (ISLA)
Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)
Italian (ITAL)


Japanese (JPNS)
Journalism (JOUR)


Kinesiology (KINE)


Landscape Architecture (LA)
Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies (LAES)
Liberal Studies (LS)


Marine Science (MSCI)
Materials Engineering (MATE)
Mathematics (MATH)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Microbiology (MCRO)
Military Science Leadership (MSL)
Modern Languages and Literatures (MLL)
Music (MU)


Natural Resources (NR)


Philosophy (PHIL)
Physical Education: Men (PEM)
Physical Education: Women (PEW)
Physical Science (PSC)
Physics (PHYS)
Political Science (POLS)
Psychology (PSY)


Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration (RPTA)
Religious Studies (RELS)


Science and Mathematics (SCM)
Social Sciences (SOCS)
Sociology (SOC)
Soil Science (SS)
Spanish (SPAN)
Statistics (STAT)
Systems Integration Engineering (SIE)


Theatre (TH)


University Studies (UNIV)


Wine and Viticulture (WVIT)
Women's and Gender Studies (WGS)


Zoology (ZOO)

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences                                     AG

Agribusiness                                                                                                                     AGB
Agricultural Education and Communication                                                               AGC    AGED
Animal Science                                                                                                                 ASCI   DSCI
BioResource and Agricultural Engineering                                                                  BRAE
Food Science and Nutrition                                                                                           FSN
Horticulture and Crop Science                                                                                      AEPS
Military Science                                                                                                               MSL
Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences                              DMHS   ERSC   NR   SS
Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration                                                        RPTA
Wine and Viticulture (program, not department)                                                    WVIT

College of Architecture and Environmental Design                                                EDES

Architectural Engineering                                                                                              ARCE
Architecture                                                                                                                     ARCH
City and Regional Planning                                                                                           CRP
Construction Management                                                                                           CM
Landscape Architecture                                                                                                 LA
Orfalea College of Business                                                                                          BUS   ECON   GSA   GSB   GSE   IT
College of Engineering                                                                                                  ENGR   FPE
Aerospace Engineering                                                                                                  AERO
Biomedical Engineering                                                                                                 BMED
Civil and Environmental Engineering                                                                          CE   ENVE
Computer Engineering                                                                                                  CPE
Computer Science                                                                                                          CSC
Electrical Engineering                                                                                                    EE
General Engineering                                                                                                      ENGR
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering                                                                IME   SIE
Materials Engineering                                                                                                    MATE
Mechanical Engineering                                                                                                ME
College of Liberal Arts
Art and Design                                                                                                                ART
Communication Studies                                                                                                COMS
English                                                                                                                              ENGL   ESE
Ethnic Studies                                                                                                                 ES
Graphic Communication                                                                                               GRC
History                                                                                                                              HIST
Humanities                                                                                                                      ISLA
Journalism                                                                                                                       JOUR
Modern Languages and Literatures                                                                            CHIN   FR   GER   ITAL   JPNS   MLL   SPAN
Music                                                                                                                                MU
Philosophy                                                                                                                       PHIL   RELS
Political Science                                                                                                              POLS
Psychology and Child Development                                                                            CD   PSY
Social Sciences                                                                                                                ANT   GEOG   SOC   SOCS
Theatre and Dance                                                                                                         DANC   TH
Women's and Gender Studies                                                                                      WGS
College of Science and Mathematics                                                                         SCM
Biological Sciences                                                                                                         BIO   BOT   MCRO   MSCI   ZOO
Chemistry and Biochemistry                                                                                        CHEM
Kinesiology                                                                                                                      KINE
Liberal Studies                                                                                                                 LS
Mathematics                                                                                                                   ESM   MATH
Physics                                                                                                                              ASTR   GEOL   PHYS   PSC
School of Education                                                                                                       EDUC
Statistics                                                                                                                           DATA   STAT
Extended Education                                                                                                      GS   IS
Interdisciplinary or University-Wide
Honors Program                                                                                                             HNRC    HNRS
Intercollegiate Athletics                                                                                                PEM    PEW
Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program                                                         LAES
University Studies                                                                                                          UNIV

Selected Topics Courses

(Summer 2015 through Spring 2017)

Selected topics courses are academic credit-bearing courses in the Cal Poly catalog that provide a generic course vehicle to offer special topics on an "as needed basis." The most common selected topics courses, 270, 470, 471, 570, 571, are available to all academic programs, and have the same generic course description.

The specific topic title appears in the Class Schedule and on the students' transcripts.

AEPS 470 Current Issues in the Strawberry Industry (2) Effective Spring 2016
Current topics in the California strawberry industry, including production techniques, pest management, labor, food safety, water quality, breeding, postharvest handling, mechanization, processing, and organics. Field trips required.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Recommended: AEPS 120 or BOT 121.

AERO 570 Aerospace Composite Materials Manufacturing (4) Effective Spring 2017
Composites manufacturing methods, thermoset and thermoplastics composites, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, sandwich structures, and destructive and non-destructive testing methods of composites.

AGB 470 Career Preparation in Agribusiness (2) Effective Fall 2015
Topics include graduate studies, evaluating employment options including internships, entrepreneurial possibilities and processes, personal marketing, resumes, employment prospecting, interviewing, ethics, intellectual property, non-disclosure agreements, career development, and business etiquette.

AGB 470 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Agriculture (4) Effective Winter 2017
Fundamental concepts in entrepreneurship and innovation, including value proposition, customer development, and unit economics of opportunity.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor: Recommended: AGB 301.

AGC 270 Software for Agricultural Publications (2) Effective Winter 2017
Emphasis on software applications in agricultural communications, including basic Adobe Creative Suite and advanced Microsoft Word and Excel for agricultural publications. Best practices in electronic delivery and print. Adobe Premiere video, blog templates, and cloud collaboration for professional agricultural communications.

AGC 470 Current Trends and Issues in Agricultural Communication (4) Effective Spring 2017
Presentations by experts from government, industry, and professional organizations. Focus on trends and issues that impact agriculture, in particular agricultural communication. Exploration of solutions to problems facing agricultural communication. Field trip required.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Recommended: Senior standing.

AGED 570 Graduate Seminar in Leadership (3) Effective Spring 2017
Leadership, team building, and facilitation, including leadership theory, stages of group dynamics, communication skills, and managing groups.

AGED 570 Maximizing Supervised Agricultural Experiences in Animal Science (3) Effective Spring 2017
Best practices for animal nutrition, animal handling, health care, animal selection, facilities management, fitting and showing, and record management for large animal species.

ANT 470 Queer Anthropology (4) Effective Spring 2017
Exploration of the intersections of queer identities and politics of race, gender, kinship, the body, class, and desire. Evaluation of how anthropology has been transformed by queer cultural critique and knowledge production. Investigation of subjectivity in western culture, and scientific categories and certainties of objectivity.

ART 470/471 Design Principles for the Web and Lab (4) Effective Spring 2016
Introduction to concepts, uses and design principles of interactive media. Exploration and use of methods for planning and implementing interaction design projects. Application of design principles and HTML for building functional websites.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Concurrent enrollment in ART 470 and ART 471.

ASCI 470 California Ranch Resource Management (3) Effective Winter 2017
Examination of ranch management practices used in California and their variations in application across major California biomes. Management of specific resource types (animals, soil, vegetation, water), economics, and practices used in meeting state and federal environmental requirements.

BIO 470 Bacterial Genetics (3) Effective Spring 2017
Molecular genetics of bacteria, including bacterial gene expression and regulation, mechanisms of DNA transfer, bacteriophage impact in bacterial genetics, and an introduction to bacterial evolution.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Recommended: BIO 351 or CHEM 373; MCRO 224; CHEM 371 or CHEM 313.

BIO 470/471 Service Learning in the Health Professions and Lab (3) Effective Spring 2016
Service learning in different healthcare settings. Topics include defining healthcare needs, ethics of student service, social determinants of health, healthcare bias, and cultural competency.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Concurrent enrollment in BIO 470 and BIO 471 required.

BIO 471 Marine and Wilderness Medicine (2) Effective Spring 2017
Biology-focused field course in emergency, wilderness and marine medicine. Overview of competencies needed to excel in a health-professions career. Wilderness Fair Responder Certification may be earned. Field trip required.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

BIO 570 Data Management and Visualization in Biology (3) Effective Winter 2017
Data management and data visualization tools for biological research. Relational databases and database management in applications such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and R. Advanced visualization techniques to maximize impact of visual data for presentation and publication.
Recommended: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

BRAE 470/471 Introduction to Robotics and Automation for Agriculture and Lab (4) Effective Winter 2016
Introduction to signal processing, control theories, machine vision and robot basics for agricultural production and processing. Engineering approach to problem-solving and experimental data analysis. Hands-on class projects and lab activities.

BRAE 470/471 Small Agricultural Vehicle Design and Lab (4) Effective Fall 2015
Introduction to various types of drivetrain designs, engine configuration, body construction, steering systems designs, manufacturing methods, and electrical systems, focusing mostly on those used in small agricultural equipment.

BUS 470 Personal Development in a T-Group (4) Effective Winter 2016
Development of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, sensitivity to diversity, interpersonal communication skills, and awareness of group dynamics in a human relations training group setting characterized by a focus on here-and-now experiences.

BUS 470 Solving Big World Challenges (4) Effective Spring 2017
Apply human-centered design to address a social or an environmental challenge, specific to a local community. Achieve revenue-generating social impact through innovative business models.

BUS 470 Technology Supported Collaboration (4) Effective Winter 2016
Application of best practices and empirically supported insights toward successful collaboration in organizational settings. Underlying theories of teams and collaboration, techniques for leadership, interpersonal communications, virtual collaboration, collaboration technology, and collaboration engineering.

CE 570 Numerical Methods in Geomechanics (4) Effective Spring 2016
Introduction to available analysis techniques and modeling principles for geotechnical systems; Finite element analysis for solving common geotechnical engineering problems; Modeling soil nonlinear behavior; Analysis of porous media; Soil-structure interaction; Introduction to soil dynamics. Computer applications using ABAQUS (students are expected to have basic knowledge of commercial finite element codes such as ABAQUS, ANSYS or SAP).

COMS 470 Family Communication (4) Effective Winter 2017
Communication theory and practice within family structures. Examination of relationship communication in marital/partnership, parent/child, intergenerational, and sibling relationships. Topics include family communication regarding identity, attachment, conflict, relational dialects, storytelling/narratives, family transitions, cultural influences, and family support.

CPE 470 Embedded Systems with Matlab/Simulink (4) Effective Winter 2017
Use of Matlab/Simulink to model, simulate, and generate C code for physical systems, particularly automotive electronic control units.

CRP 470 Web Technologies for Planning (2) Effective Spring 2016
Introduces students to web technologies utilized by planners to plan, communicate planning concepts, and engage citizens in the planning process. Hands-on practice with each technology, resulting in a web-based portfolio of work.

DANC 471 Contemporary Jazz (2) Effective Spring 2016
Fusion of the rhythmic variation of jazz, the technical elements of ballet, and the grounded and spinal work of modern dance. Movement will be heavily influenced by musical choices and emotional connection. Auditions take place during the first week of classes.

DSCI 270 Dairy Operations and Safety (2) Effective Fall 2016
Introduction to dairy farm biosecurity, animal handling and welfare, equipment operation, employee safety, and hazard analysis. Instruction in standard operating procedures relevant to milking, transition cow and calf management, and cattle identification.

DSCI 270 Introduction to Dairy Farm Consultation (2) Effective Winter 2016
Student consultation teams visit dairies and/or attend management training seminars followed by presenting management recommendations to the dairy owners, consultants, and other industry leaders. Focus on management practices with regard to dairy reproduction, nutrition, transition cow and calf, labor management, and financial planning. Field trips may be required.

DSCI 470 Advanced Dairy Calf Management (4) Effective Winter 2016
Principles of applied dairy calf management with emphasis on safety, animal handling, housing, health, and nutrition. Innovative calf raising techniques modeled by progressive successful dairy calf industry programs. Field trip may be required.

DSCI 470/471 Artisan Dairy Foods and Lab (4) Effective Winter 2016
Examination of the basic since, practical knowledge, and rules of manufacturing a safe product for efficient and sustainable production and processing of artisanal dairy foods. Focus on fermented dairy foods, cheese, and ice creams.

DSCI 570 Dairy Products Technology I (1) Effective Fall 2016
Chemistry, technology, and safety of dairy food products, including milk, yogurt, cheese, milk powders, butter, ice cream, and chocolate milk. Unit operations impact on dairy food quality.

DSCI 570 Dairy Products Technology II (1) Effective Winter 2017
Continuation of Dairy Products Technology I. Chemistry, technology, and safety of diary food products, including milk, yogurt, cheese, milk powders, butter, ice cream, and chocolate milk. Unit operations impact upon dairy food quality.

DSCI 571 Dairy Products Technology Lab I (2) Effective Fall 2016
Commercial dairy plaint operations including receiving milk, manufacturing dairy products, writing technical operational manuals, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, accounting and inventory, purchasing, shipping, and marketing.

DSCI 571 Dairy Products Technology Lab II (2) Effective Winter 2017
Continuation of Dairy Products Technology Lab I. Commercial dairy plaint operations including receiving milk, manufacturing dairy products, writing technical operational manuals, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, accounting and inventory, purchasing, shipping, and marketing.

EDUC 470 Understanding Special Education (4) Effective Spring 2017
Overview of the field of special education, including a historical perspective, a survey of special education law and service delivery models, and characteristics of students with variable learning needs. School and community-based approaches to improving the quality of life for students with disabilities. Participation in public schools requires mandated fingerprint clearance.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Recommended for Liberal Studies and Child Development majors: EDUC/ CD 207 or CD/PSY 256.

EE 470/471 Automotive Software and Vehicle Networks and Lab (4) Effective Winter 2017
Development and use of mechatronic systems in vehicles, including text-based and graphical programming methods for embedded systems and the communication structure and the system architecture in vehicles.

EE 470 Simulation Based Software Development for Autonomous Automotive Applications (2) Effective Spring 2017
Development of software based functions by means of simulation frameworks that are capable of simulating an autonomous automotive test drive. Introduction to V-model development process and corresponding engineering standards.

ENGL 470 English Clinical Experience Seminar (2) Effective Spring 2016
Principles and practices in effective teaching in English at the middle and high school level, learning theories, curriculum content and structure, classroom issues, and the teaching profession.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and admission to the Single Subject Credential Program.

ENGL 470 Science and Public Controversy (4) Effective Spring 2016
Advanced rhetorical analysis of controversial debates surrounding scientific and technical topics. Examination of how scientific and technical knowledge is produced, circulated, evaluated, and contested within pubic fora through the analysis of historical and contemporary case studies.

ES 470 Beyoncé: Race, Feminism, and Politics (4) Effective Spring 2017
Through an interdisciplinary approach, this course will use Beyoncé - her music, videos, and self-representation - to explore the social constructions of race, gender, and sexuality as well as the use of those intersecting identities as political tools for social activism.

ES 470 Chicanas/os-Latinas/os & Education (4) Effective Winter 2016
Examination of the structure of our educational institution and the manifestations of power, privilege, inequality, and exclusion by centering the historical and institutional practices related to the schooling experiences of many Chiancas/os and Latinas/os in the United States.

FSN 570 Current Nutrition Science Research (1) Effective Spring 2017
Examination of current human nutrition scientific literature with a focus on scientific methodology, findings, concepts, and controversies.

GSA 570 Auditing (4) Effective Spring 2016
External auditing theory, contemporary accounting/auditing issues, regulation, corporate governance, and professional practices.

GSA 570 Case Studies in Accounting Practice (1) Effective Spring 2016
Current case studies in the accounting practice that demonstrate the key accounting principles and processes that could be considered when solving complex accounting and reporting issues. Focus will be on realistic, complex and contextually rich cases.

GSB 570 Career Readiness in Data Analytics (1) Effective Spring 2017
Career development and preparation with specific focus on navigating the new disciplines of business analytics and data science. Personal marketing in a dynamic technological environment.

HNRS 270 Honors for Social Change (2) Effective Spring 2016
Critical examination of the benefits and drawbacks of previous social change efforts. Application of social science theories to deconstruct social problems and devise ways to affect change in the future. Define a local social problem and offer creative and plausible solutions.

HNRS 270 Honors Leadership Workshop (1) Effective Summer 2015
Examination of interpersonal leadership skills and their development. Personality assessment, team building, servant leadership, leadership philosophy, and professional etiquette.

HNRS 270 Leadership: Coaching and Mentoring (1) Effective Spring 2017
Strategies for effective coaching and mentoring. Servant leadership, recognition of motivational sources in others, and positive psychology in leadership. Development of a leadership philosophy.

HNRS 270 Leadership: Group Dynamics (1) Effective Winter 2017
Teamwork and team building skills with a focus on group dynamics. Gender and teams. Development of trust, feedback, and conflict resolution. Cross-cultural communication and leadership.

HNRS 270 Leadership: Self Evaluation (2) Effective Winter 2017
Interpersonal leadership and communication skills with a focus on self evaluation. Personality assessment, preparation of a personal leadership development plan and goal setting. Values and moral development.

HNRS 270 Library Research Methods (2) Effective Spring 2016
Hands-on experience identifying information resources and research support services available through the Kennedy Library at Cal Poly. Methods, best-practices, and ethical standards related to planning, carrying out, summarizing, and publishing scholarly research. Written, oral, and visual presentation of research findings.

HNRS 270 Perspectives on Incarceration (2) Effective Spring 2017
Dialogue-based course with Cal Poly students and the San Luis Obispo County jail. Discussion of the criminal justice system, gender, class, poverty, and restorative justice. Includes a service learning component.

IME 470 Industrial Engineers in Healthcare (4) Effective Spring 2016
Survey of traditional industrial engineering applications in the healthcare industry. Background on healthcare reform. Simulation, operations research, supply chain, facility engineering, and process improvement case studies. Emerging topics of role of industrial engineers in healthcare industry, change management, patient flow, Lean Six Sigma, nursing, patient safety, and decision-making support.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Recommended: IME 223.

IME 470/471 Precision Engineering Fundamentals and Lab (4) Effective Spring 2016
Precision engineering fundamentals pertaining to the design and manufacturing of hardware ranging from industrial machines to consumer products. Kinematic design, positioning systems, thermal control, vibration isolation, machine tool design, error budgeting, metrology and uncertainty analysis.
Prerequisite: Senior or graduate standing and consent of instructor. Concurrent enrollment in IME 470 and IME 471, Precision Engineering Fundamentals.

IME 471 Manufacturing Plant Tours in China (1) Effective Summer 2016
Field trips to manufacturing companies and research centers in China to study manufacturing processes and quality management.

IT 270 Industrial Facility Systems and Equipment (4) Effective Spring 2017
Contemporary issues in modern industrial facilities. Emphasis on support systems and equipment such as heating and cooling; material handling; electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic power systems; and energy management. Basic facility layouts, sustainability, and lean practices.

JOUR 270 Introduction to Radio Broadcasting (2) Effective Fall 2015
Development of skills and knowledge to produce live and recorded radio shows for the campus radio station, KCPR-FM. Basic station operation FCC compliance standards and basic station management. Required for KCPR student staff.

JOUR 470/471 Advanced Sportscasting and Lab (4) Effective Spring 2017
Sports reporting and writing for broadcast, web, and social media. Sports broadcasting including play-by-play conducting a job search in sports journalism.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor; junior standing. Concurrent enrollment in JOUR 470 and JOUR 471. Recommended: JOUR 285; JOUR 303 or JOUR 346.

JOUR 470/471 Multimedia Production for Public Relations and Advertising and Lab (4) Effective Fall 2016
Development of advanced skills for video and audio communications for public service, public relations, marketing, and advertising. Pitching, planning, production, editing, and post-production. Historical and regulatory aspects of communication policy and mandates.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor; junior standing. Concurrent enrollment in JOUR 470 and JOUR 471 required. Recommended: JOUR 303, JOUR 302 or JOUR 331.

JOUR 471 Radio Broadcasting (1) Effective Winter 2016
Field experience in radio station operations at KCPR-FM, the campus radio station. On-air and support functions such as hosting live and prerecorded shows on air, recording announcements, planning and carrying out promotions, underwriting, events and other station management duties.

MATE 570 Biopolymers and Nanocomposites (4) Effective Winter 2016
Exploration of the synthesis, processing, properties and performance of biologically derived polymers. Examination of nanoscale reinforcements and their use to enhance performance of biopolymers. Emphasis placed on reading and interpreting contemporary scientific literature.
Prerequisite: MATE 310 or CHEM 444 or consent of instructor.

ME 470 Advanced Topics in HVAC&R (2) Effective Spring 2017
Overview of the roles of the Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry. State-of-the-art HVAC&R systems, components, and design solutions. Includes guest speakers from HVAC&R industry.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Recommended: ME 302.

ME 470/471 Introduction to Building Energy Modeling and Lab (2) Effective Spring 2016
Introduction to principles and practices of building energy modeling. Case studies using state of the art energy modeling computer software to simulate the energy use of buildings. Methods to reduce energy consumption of buildings.
Prerequisite: ME 359 and consent of instructor. Concurrent enrollment in ME 470 and ME 471 required.

ME 470 Nuclear Power Plant Fundamentals (4) Effective Fall 2016
Operation of a nuclear electric generation station; including reactor water chemistry, material, electric and mechanical sciences, civil engineering for nuclear power plant engineers, and digital process control systems.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Recommended: ME 302, ME 347, and ME 350.

ME 470 Nuclear Power Plant Operations (4) Effective Winter 2017
Overview of mass, momentum and energy conservation as it relates to nuclear power plants, including coupled neutronic/thermal models to study plant operations semi-quantitatively achieving an integrated plant understanding.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Recommended: ME 302; ME 341; Junior standing; and major in the college of  Engineering.

ME 470 Pressured Water Nuclear Reactors (4) Effective Spring 2017
Analysis, design, and operation of Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) cores systems used in nuclear power generation. Plant equipment and components. Strategies and systems for reactor safety.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Recommended ME 302, ME 341, junior standing and College of Engineering major.

ME 470/471 Rehabilitation Engineering and Lab (4) Effective Spring 2017
Design and analysis of systems to assist people with disabilities. Applications include workplace assistance, mobility aids, educational accommodations, robotics, and adaptive sports and recreation.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Recommended: CE 204 and ME 212.

NR 470 Environmental Leadership (4) Effective Winter 2017
Examination of theories and practices of leadership and community engagement in a wide range of environmental issues. Development of personal leadership skills and methods for effectively working with non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and the private sector to advance sustainability principles.

NR 470 Sierra Nevada Forest Ecology (3) Effective Spring 2016
Advanced ecological, biogeographical, and silvicultural exploration of Sierra Nevada forests through review and interpretation of scientific literature.

NR 471 Sierra Nevada Forest Ecology Lab (1) Effective Spring 2016
Advanced exploration of Sierra Nevada forests through field surveys, data collection, and interaction with managers/researchers. Field trip and camping required.
Prerequisite: Junior standing and consent of instructor. Concurrent enrollment in NR 470 Sierra Nevada Forest Ecology.

PHYS 470 Quantum Field Theory (3) Effective Spring 2016
Introduction to quantum field theory. Focus on canonical quantization of classical fields, spacetime symmetries, gauge symmetries and forces, antimatter, symmetry breaking, and the Higgs mechanism.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Recommended: PHYS 405.

SCM 270 Bridge to College Mathematics (3) Effective Summer 2016
Development of habits and skills for success in math, science, and engineering courses. Topics include problem solving, application of math content to other STEM fields, and building connections within math learning. Course is intended for Cal Poly Scholars participating in Quarter-Plus program.

SOC 470 Incarceration and Society (4) Effective Winter 2017
Compares and contrasts perspectives on the criminal justice system in dialogue with inmates. Examination of the social construction of deviance and inequality in the life course that may lead to incarceration.

TH 470 Acting in Musical Theatre (4) Effective Spring 2016
Advanced performance methodology; focus on actor training in musical theatre. Analysis and singing skills; development of solo and duet approaches. Enhancement of techniques related to scene study and auditions.

UNIV 470 The Art of Research (2) Effective Summer 2015
Development of skills necessary for organizing, executing, and communicating a research thesis or project.

WVIT 470 Direct to Consumer Wine Sales (4) Effective Winter 2017
Overview of the five main areas driving direct-to-consumer (DC2) initiatives in the U.S. wine business: tasting rooms, wine clubs/mailing lists, eCommerce, telemarketing, and events. Using current research and case study, exploration of the features of a D2C presence, while mitigating compliance.

WVIT 470 Logistics for the Global Wine Industry (4) Effective Winter 2017
Scope and elements of the Global Wine Logistics system including supply and distribution channels, transportation, inventory, warehousing, packaging, and order processing.

WVIT 470 Wine Region Impacts on Production and Business (2) Effective Winter 2017
Examination of wine grape growing, wine making and wine business practices across producers in similar and different geographic regions. Topics include sustainable practices, varietals, geography, soil, climate, equipment use, business size and practices. Field trips required.