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Vice Provost International, Graduate and Extended Education: Brian C. Tietje
Executive Director: John P. Lyons
Marketing Director, International, Graduate and Extended Education: Elaine Sullivan

Cal Poly Extended Education is a self-support unit that works closely with its university, business, community, and international partners to provide access to Cal Poly’s unique academic programs and educational resources. We offer a diverse range of degrees, professional development certificates, non-credit courses, youth programs and international education programs.

Information on programs and current courses are listed on our website at extended.calpoly.edu where online registration is available. An Extended Education catalog of course offerings is mailed periodically to community members.

Academic Credit

These programs are offered on a self-support basis in cooperation with colleges on campus.

Graduate Degrees

Program name Program type
Business AnalyticsMS
Fire Protection EngineeringMS
Dairy Products TechnologyMPS

Graduate Certificates

Program name Program type
Fire Protection Engineering Applications ApplicationsGraduate Certificate
Fire Protection Engineering ScienceGraduate Certificate

Open University

This option enables adequately prepared members of the community to enroll in regular Cal Poly courses on a space available basis. Open University is a non-degree registration option. Limits as to the number of credits earned through Open University may apply when seeking admission to a degree program.

Enrollment forms and guidelines for registering may be obtained on the website: openuniversity.calpoly.edu two weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter. To view further details and calendar deadlines, please visit openuniversity.calpoly.edu.

Enrollment in academic credit programs is available during Summer Term via Community Access, see summer.calpoly.edu for details.

Summer Term

Cal Poly Extended Education manages a self-support Summer Term which provides over 400 academic classes to matriculated Cal Poly students and community members. Summer Term is typically scheduled in four sessions: 5-week (2), 8-week, and 10-week.

Quarter Plus

Offered during 3 weeks prior to Fall term, Quarter Plus is an intensive academic program for both incoming Cal Poly freshmen and continuing Cal Poly students. More information on all Summer Term and Quarter Plus programs is available on summer.calpoly.edu.

Professional Advancement

For those desiring to upgrade their skills or knowledge, Extended Education offers a wide range of educational opportunities ranging from profession certificate programs to one-day seminars. These courses may offer academic credit, continuing education units (CEUs) for license renewal, or be offered on a non-credit basis.

Current Professional Certificates

Program name Program type
Business AnalyticsProfessional Certificate
Printed Electronics and Functional ImagingProfessional Certificate
Systems Integration EngineeringProfessional Certificate
Wine IndustryProfessional Certificate

Distance Learning

Challenges of time and distance often make it impractical for individuals to travel to campus for classroom-based education opportunities. To address this problem, Extended Education offers many online education programs.

These programs cover a wide range of subjects including applied technology, graphic communications and professional training. A complete listing of programs and courses is available at extended.calpoly.edu.

Corporate and Organizational Training

Extended Education will customize training to meet the specific needs of a business, corporation, or organization. This process starts with a needs assessment and continues through design, implementation and evaluation. Past clients include PG&E, the State of California, and the CA Forest Service.

Community Programs

Extended Education offers a variety of Life and Culture non- credit programs throughout the year, from painting to fly fishing, languages to sausage making. During the summer months, Extended Education provides two different summer day camps for 5-8 grade students: Kids Learn STEM and Launch it! Kids Learn STEM (kidslearnstem.calpoly.edu) is held on campus in the Learn by Doing lab and focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in a one week program.

For young entrepreneurs, Launch It!, teaches innovation and invention. Details about this program are located on the website: summer.calpoly.edu.

How to Read Course Descriptions

GS Courses

GS 597. Continued Graduate Study. 1-15 units


Prerequisite: Must be in good standing in a graduate program at Cal Poly.

Activities other than regular coursework that are needed to complete the requirements for the degree. Analysis of data, thesis and project report writing, oral defense of the thesis/project, preparation for the comprehensive exam, and other activities related to the culminating experience for the student's program. Can be used to fulfill the continuous enrollment requirement for graduate students. Units earned in this course may not be used toward degree completion. Credit/No Credit grading only. Total credit limited to 15 units; repeatable in same term.

IS Courses

IS 101. Interdisciplinary Studies. 4 units

Introduction to collaborative interdisciplinary inquiry. Topics include: Scholarly knowledge production and bibliographic finding tools, University role in knowledge dissemination and creation, and information search and evaluation processes. 'Learn-by-doing' disciplinary investigation and interdisciplinary analysis and synthesis. 4 lectures.

IS 301. Critical Issues Seminar. 4 units

Prerequisite: Admission to the Adult Degree Program (Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies) prior to enrolling in this seminar.

Discussion-oriented seminar focusing on ethics and effective interdisciplinary decision-making in the contemporary world. Examination of ethical and other issues facing society through current public debates, as well as great intellectual traditions that have shaped the past. The Schedule of Classes will list topic selected. Total credit limited to 12 units. 4 seminars.

IS 302. Analytical Skills Seminar. 4 units

Prerequisite: Admission to the Adult Degree Program (Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies) prior to enrolling in this class, IS 101 and IS 301 or consent of instructor.

Improvement of abilities to collect data, analyze information, frame questions, reach and defend logical conclusions. Emphasis on applying methods of data analysis to a variety of contemporary interdisciplinary issues. 4 seminars.

IS 352. Organizational Leadership. 4 units

Prerequisite: Completion of GE Area A, or junior standing or consent of instructor.

An interdisciplinary study of the definitions, theories, skills, and styles of organizational leadership in contemporary society. Strategies for managing human capital and an understanding of the relationship between attributes of good leadership and organizational change. Emphasis on developing an understanding of leadership in diverse organizations. 4 lectures.

IS 450. Advanced Investigation Seminar. 4 units

Prerequisite: Admission to Adult Degree Program (Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies), IS 301 and IS 302 with a minimum grade of C-.

In-depth interdisciplinary investigation into a narrowly defined issue of personal and/or professional interest. Identification of topic and examination from a variety of standpoints (e.g., cultural, environmental, religious, political, or economic). 4 seminars.

IS 453. Special Topics in Organizational Leadership. 4 units

Prerequisite: Completion of GE Area A, or junior standing, or consent of instructor.

Directed interdisciplinary analysis of selected contemporary issues or topics in organizational leadership. Topics may be examined from local, national or international perspectives. Total credit limited to 8 units. 4 seminars.

IS 460. Capstone Project. 4 units

Prerequisite: Senior standing, IS 301, IS 302, IS 450 with a minimum grade of C-.

Selection and completion of a summative project or report under the supervision of a faculty member. Investigation of the topic from an inter-disciplinary approach.