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Hillcrest Building 81
Phone: 805.756.0327

The Dean of Students Office provides leadership to support student success, strengthen campus community relations, and provide initiatives for future student-centered programs that foster the development of the student academically, socially and ethically.

The Dean of Students supports student learning and service through:

  • helping students manage academic and nonacademic situations;
  • consulting extensively with faculty and staff on behalf of student concerns;
  • interpreting and assisting with understanding campus policies and procedures;
  • providing student centers, clubs and organizations to foster a healthy student life;
  • cultivating a caring, supportive campus and community environment; and
  • assisting with parent concerns regarding campus life and policies.

The Dean of Students Office oversees Cross Cultural Centers, Student Rights & Responsibilities; Student Support, Success & Retention; and, Leadership & Service. A variety of services and programs are provided to support, encourage and develop leadership skills, personal development, volunteerism, responsible citizenship, and academic success. The mission of the Dean of Students is to prepare students for participation in a global society.

Individuals with questions or concerns are encouraged to stop by or contact the office. The staff answers questions, advocates when appropriate, investigates student complaints, supports students, and directs students to the appropriate campus or community resource as needed.

Cross Cultural Centers

Gender Equity Center

As a part of the Cross Cultural Centers, the Gender Equity Center (GEC) supports students’ exploration of gender. Through the education of current events, stereotypes, and cultural influences, it empowers students to challenge inequity and embrace social justice.

Multicultural Center

As a part of the Cross Cultural Centers, the MultiCultural Center (MCC) supports and advocates for under-represented students by honoring cultural expression, building community, and creating cross-cultural connections.

Pride Center

As a part of the Cross Cultural Centers, the Pride Center supports and advocates for the unique academic and social needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) students to promote personal growth and success.

Student Rights & Responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities administers the California State University Standards for Student Conduct. This ensures a fair and impartial administration of the disciplinary process while educating students about their responsibilities and protecting the rights of all members of the University community.

Off-Campus Programs

Off-Campus Programs assists students in living off campus responsibly. Educational prevention programs are provided to students planning on living off campus after their first year at Cal Poly. The program also addresses student behaviors that adversely impact neighbors and community members when students receive an alcohol arrest/citation or noise citation off-campus

Student Support, Success & Retention

Student Support, Success, & Retention is responsible for ensuring students’ success by providing support, advocacy, and follow-up services in collaboration with other University departments, individuals, and stakeholders in the students’ success. It provides support to academic colleges by working directly with students, faculty and administration on reducing barriers to student success, collaborating with the colleges to establish meaningful campus support services, and by providing direct, early intervention in problem-solving to ensure retention and graduation.

Veterans Success Center

Cal Poly’s Veterans Success Center provides multi-faceted assistance to prospective and enrolled student veterans and dependents.

Leadership & Service

Center for Service in Action

The Center for Service in Action at Cal Poly connects students with meaningful volunteer opportunities that complement their educational experience, strengthen their understanding of diversity and social responsibility, and develop skills to become ethical and knowledgeable leaders who contribute to a global society.

Center for Leadership

The Center for Leadership supports the development of student leadership and service on campus and in the surrounding community. Its events and services combine theories of leadership with action-based approaches that aim to better serve our communities and society as a whole. Students are encouraged in their leadership skill development, leadership competency, assumption of leadership and service roles, and the continuation of service to one’s community after graduation.

Fraternity & Sorority Life

Fraternity & Sorority Life supports Greek members to become ethical leaders and to fulfill the mission of their organizations. They work to resolve sensitive issues relating to students; recommend training programs for Greek leaders and advisors; assist in prevention and resolution of conflicts between Greek organizations and between the Greek community, campus and community officials; and, serve as the campus representative to national Greek organizations.

Clubs & Organizations

Club Sports Program

The Club Sports Program at Cal Poly provides a form of athletic and educational activity that is an integral part of collegiate life.

Clubs & Independent Student Organizations

Clubs & Independent Student Organizations at Cal Poly provides opportunities that incorporate instruction and service in a "Learn by Doing" environment. The Clubs & Independent Student Organizations’ hands-on approach develops leadership skills, enhances social growth, and complements the academic curriculum.