BFA Art and Design

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 Program Learning Objectives

  1. Produce a strong body of work and/or professional portfolio
  2. Establish and maintain a rigorous creative practice that is productive and professional
  3. Utilize an articulate, sophisticated visual, verbal, and technical vocabulary related to art and design from a broad range of styles and periods
  4. Apply comparative reasoning in evaluating works of art and design
  5. Contribute to diverse, cross-disciplinary, collaborative endeavors
  6. Resolve problems and challenge assumptions through innovative thinking and visual expression
  7. Demonstrate integrity and make ethical decisions in creative expression and professional practice
  8. Perpetuate a life-long commitment to learning, inquiry, and discovery

Degree Requirements and Curriculum

In addition to the program requirements listed on this page, students must also satisfy requirements outlined in more detail in the Minimum Requirements for Graduation section of this catalog, including:

  • 60 units of upper division courses
  • Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR)
  • 2.0 GPA
  • U.S. Cultural Pluralism (USCP)

Note: Up to 4 units of credit/no credit grading may be selected for courses in major or concentration.

ART 101The Fundamentals of Drawing (C3) 14
ART 102Art and Design Foundation Studies I 4
ART 103Art and Design Foundation Studies II4
ART 104Art and Design Foundation Studies III4
ART 182Foundation in Digital Art I4
ART 203Art Theory and Practice4
ART 209Beginning Painting4
ART 212Art History - Renaissance through Baroque Eras4
ART 213Art History- Modern Art, 1900-19454
ART 224Introduction to Artificial Lighting for Photography4
ART 260Critique, Discourse and Practice4
ART 315Art History - Art Since 19454
Art History Electives8
Select from the following upper division art history courses not already required in major core or concentration:
Art History - American Art
Art History - Nineteenth Century Art
Design History
History of Photography
Women as Subject and Object in Art History
Asian Art Survey
Asian Art Topics: National, Religious, and Intellectual Movements
Topics in Renaissance Art
New Media Art History
Upper Division Art Elective
Select any upper division ART course not already used to meet Major or Concentration requirements. See course descriptions for repeatable units.4
ART 463Senior Portfolio Project4
Concentration courses (see below)52
(See GE program requirements below.)64-68
Free Electives 20-4
Total units184

Required in Major; also satisfies GE.


If GE courses are used to satisfy Concentration requirements, additional units of Free Electives may be required to complete the 184 total unit requirement.

Concentrations (select one)

General Education (GE) Requirements 

  • 72 units required, 4 of which are specified in Major and/or Support.
  • See the complete GE course listing.
  • Minimum of 12 units required at the 300 level.
Area A Communication
A1 Expository Writing4
A2 Oral Communication4
A3 Reasoning, Argumentation and Writing4
Area B Science and Mathematics
B1 Mathematics/Statistics8
B2 Life Science4
B3 Physical Science4
B4 One lab taken with either a B2 or B3 course
B5 Area B elective (select one course from B1-B5)4
Area C Arts and Humanities
C1 Literature4
C2 Philosophy4
C3 Fine/Performing Arts (4 units in major) 10
C4 Upper-division elective (no ART course) (may be in Concentration) 20-4
Area D/E Society and the Individual
D1 The American Experience (Title 5, Section 40404 requirement)4
D2 Political Economy4
D3 Comparative Social Institutions4
D4 Self Development (CSU Area E)4
D5 Upper-division elective4
Area F Technology
F Upper-division elective4
Total units64-68

Required in Major; also satisfies GE.


Required in Photography and Video Concentration; also satisfies GE.