Studio Art Concentration

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ART 148Beginning Sculpture4
ART 201Intermediate Drawing4
ART 302Figure Drawing4
ART 309Intermediate Painting4
ART 348Intermediate Sculpture4
ART 366Junior Studio Art Practice4
ART 409Advanced 2-D4
ART 448Advanced Topics in Sculpture4
or ART 353 Intermedia / Art
ART 466Senior Studio Art Practice4
Art History Elective
Select from the following: 4
Art History - American Art
Art History - Nineteenth Century Art
Design History
History of Photography (C4)
Asian Art Survey
Asian Art Topics: National, Religious, and Intellectual Movements (C4)
Michelangelo (C4)
Topics in Renaissance Art (C4)
New Media Art History
Intersectional Feminist Art Histories (USCP)
Concentration Electives
Select from the following:12
At least 8 units must be upper division.
Any ART courses not already used to meet major or concentration requirements. See course descriptions for repeatable units.
Total units52