Studio Art Concentration

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ART 148Beginning Sculpture4
ART 201Intermediate Drawing4
ART 211Art Hist - Ancient to Renaissance4
or ART 212 Art History - Renaissance through Baroque Eras
ART 302Figure Drawing4
ART 309Intermediate Painting4
ART 312Art History - Modern Art, 1900-1945 14
or ART 315 Art History - Art Since 1945
ART 348Intermediate Sculpture4
ART 366Junior Studio Art Practice4
ART 409Advanced 2-D4
ART 448Advanced Topics in Sculpture4
ART 466Senior Studio Art Practice4
Concentration Electives
Select from the following:13
At least 8 units must be upper division.
Any ART courses not already used to meet major or concentration requirements. See course descriptions for repeatable units.
Total units57

 Whichever not taken in major core.