Photography and Video Concentration

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ART 222Black and White Photography4
ART 224Introduction to Artificial Lighting for Photography4
ART 314History of Photography4
ART 324Photographic Expression4
ART 325Advanced Camera and Lighting Techniques4
ART 329Editorial Photography4
ART 383Digital Video I4
ART 427Advertising Photography4
ART 483Digital Video II4
Select one from the following:4
Film Styles and Genres (C4) 1
Film Directors (C4) 1
Fiction Writing (C4) 1
GRC 331Color Management and Quality Analysis4
Concentration Electives:
Select from the following: 13
At least 8 units must be upper division.
Any ART courses not already used to meet major or concentration requirements, OR
Media Arts and Technologies: Storytelling
and Media Arts and Technologies: Cinematic Process (4,4)
Total units57

 Required in Concentration; also satisfies GE.