Marketing Management Concentration

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The Marketing Management Concentration provides students with a rigorous, analytical understanding of marketing and business decision-making. Students learn to generate, analyze, interpret, and present the information that organizations need to satisfy and retain customers; to build brand equity and maximize return on investment; and to develop innovative products and services.

The Marketing Management Concentration provides students with knowledge of a wide range of tools and techniques from fields as diverse as sociology, psychology, anthropology, information technology, new product engineering, and economics. Students learn to leverage information, technology, and knowledge to support innovation in virtually all areas of business, non-profit enterprises, and government.

As a discipline with broad applications, the Marketing Management Concentration offers flexible career paths and work styles. Graduates are in demand for positions in marketing intelligence, product development, product management, advertising, digital marketing, sales, and purchasing.

BUS 418Listening to the Customer4
BUS 419Strategic Marketing Measurement4
BUS 421Marketing Analytics and Business Intelligence4
BUS 451New Product Development and Launch4
BUS 452Product Management4
BUS 454Marketing Projects4
BUS 455Marketing Strategy4
Total units28