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Concentration Coordinator: Jon York

The goal of the Entrepreneurship concentration is to empower the student to create economic and social value either for a startup or as part of a high-performing entrepreneurial team within an existing organization. A student in the Entrepreneurship concentration will acquire the tools, develop the skills, and cultivate the mindset of an entrepreneur. The Entrepreneurship concentration comprises a carefully-curated set of required and elective courses, leading to a hands-on, balanced and interdisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship that is applicable in for-profit and non-profit contexts; local and global settings; and service-, product-, or technology- based companies.

BUS 310Introduction to Entrepreneurship4
BUS 418Listening to the Customer4
BUS 436Entrepreneurial Finance4
BUS 488Planning and Managing New Ventures4
ITP 428Commercialization of New Technologies4
Approved Electives
Select from the following:8
Managing Technology in the International Legal Environment
Organizations, People, and Technology
Human Resources Management
Business Application Development
New Product Development and Launch
Managing Change and Development
Money, Banking and Credit
Developing and Presenting New Enterprise Strategies
Product Design and Development
Packaging Fundamentals
Industrial Sales
Applied Business Operations
Advanced Topics in Entrepreneurship
Selected Advanced Topics
Selected Advanced Topics
Total units28