Applied Mathematics Concentration

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CSC/CPE 101Fundamentals of Computer Science I4
MATH 304Vector Analysis4
MATH 344Linear Analysis II4
MATH 350Mathematical Software4
or CSC/CPE 102 Fundamentals of Computer Science II
MATH 413Introduction to Analysis II4
MATH 451Numerical Analysis I4
STAT 301Statistics I4
or STAT 305 Introduction to Probability and Simulation
or STAT 425 Probability Theory
Choose two tracks from the following list. A track consists of two paired courses representing depth of study with a particular focus.16
Complex Analysis I
and Complex Analysis II
Differential Equations II
and Partial Differential Equations
Numerical Analysis II
and Numerical Optimization
Approved Electives 112
Select one of the following categories, with at least one course at the 300 level or above. 2
Category 1:
The Solar System
Stars and Galaxies
General Physics II
General Physics III
Modern Physics I
Thermal Physics I
Classical Mechanics I
Classical Mechanics II
Special Theory Relativity
Vibrations and Waves
Quantum Mechanics I
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I
Solid State Physics
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Category 2:
Statistics II
Introduction to Probability and Simulation
Design and Analysis of Experiments I
Applied Regression Analysis
Statistical Computing with SAS
Statistical Computing with R
Statistical Analysis of Time Series
Survival Analysis Methods
Analysis of Cross-Classified Data
Applied Multivariate Statistics
Survey Sampling and Methodology
Design and Analysis of Experiments II
Probability Theory
Estimation and Sampling Theory
Mathematical Statistics
Category 3:
Fundamentals of Computer Science II
Fundamentals of Computer Science III
Introduction to Computer Organization
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Systems Programming
Bioinformatics Algorithms
Category 4:
Engineering Statics
Engineering Dynamics
Thermodynamics I
Intermediate Dynamics
Fluid Mechanics I
Category 5:
Intermediate Microeconomics I
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Mathematical Economics
Total units56

Consultation with advisor is recommended prior to selecting approved electives; bear in mind your selections may impact pursuit of post-baccalaureate studies and/or goals.


Other choices are also possible, and should be pre-approved in consultation with academic advisor. Approved electives are to be taken oustide of the Mathematics department and should have significant applications to mathematics.