MS Biological Sciences, Specialization in Regenerative Medicine

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Required Courses
ASCI 581Graduate Seminar in Animal Science1
ASCI/BIO/BMED 593Regenerative Medicine Internship (5,5) 110
ASCI/BIO/BMED 594Applications in Regenerative Medicine2
BIO 475Molecular Biology Laboratory3
BIO 501Molecular & Cellular Biology4
BIO 502Biology of Organisms4
BIO 534Principles of Stem Cell Biology2
BIO 590Seminar in Biology1
BMED 510Principles of Tissue Engineering4
BMED 515Introduction to Biomedical Imaging4
BMED 560Cell Transplantation and Biotherapeutics2
BMED 561Cell Transplantation and Biotherapeutics Laboratory2
BMED 563Biomedical Engineering Graduate Seminar2
Approved engineering, science, mathematics and statistics electives4
Total units45

 Students will complete their internship at one of our partner institutions. An updated list of our current partners can be found on our program website.