MS Biological Sciences

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Program Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrate a broad basic knowledge of the biological sciences.
  2. Demonstrate a thorough understanding and competency in a specific discipline within the biological sciences.
  3. Communicate scientific ideas effectively in both oral and written formats.
  4. Think critically and evaluate, design, conduct, and quantitatively assess innovative research in a biological discipline.
  5. Apply acquired skills and knowledge needed for employment or advanced graduate or professional study in discipline related areas.
Required Courses
BIO 501Molecular & Cellular Biology4
BIO 502Biology of Organisms4
BIO 503Population Biology4
BIO 561Proposal Writing for Biological Research3
BIO 590Seminar in Biology (1, 1, 1)3
BIO 591Trends in Biology (1, 1)2
BIO 599Thesis9
Select from the following: 14
Analytical Methods in Ecology
Applied Multivariate Statistics
Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models
Design and Analysis of Experiments I
Applied Regression Analysis
Additional units at the 400 or 500 level. 1, 212
Total units45

If a STAT course is chosen, Electives must include 3 units taken within the Biological Sciences Department at Cal Poly in order to meet the program requirement of 32 units.


Students planning to be Teaching Assistants at Cal Poly must take BIO 574

All 45 units must be acceptable for graduate credit and in accordance with Graduate Guidelines of the Biological Sciences Department. Coursework must include 32 units taken within the Biological Sciences Department at Cal Poly. For further information, students should communicate with the Chair of the Biological Sciences Department or with the Director of the Graduate and Research Committee.