Molecular and Cellular Biology Concentration

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BIO 452Cell Biology4
BIO/CHEM 475Molecular Biology Laboratory3
CHEM 217Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 220Organic Chemistry Laboratory For Life Sciences II1
CHEM 371Biochemical Principles5
CHEM 372Metabolism4
MCRO 224General Microbiology I5
Advanced Cell and Molecular Applications 1
Select from the following:9
Applied Biotechnology in Animal Science
Developmental Biology
Bioinformatics Applications
Gene Expression Laboratory
Protein Techniques Laboratory
General Virology
Microbial Biotechnology
Approved Electives 1,2,3,4
Select from any 300-400 level BIO/BOT/MCRO/MSCI courses or select from the following:9
Applied Biotechnology in Animal Science
Applied Animal Embryology and Assisted Reproduction
Advanced Molecular Techniques in Animal Science
Orientation to Biotechnology
Organic Chemistry III
Organic Chemistry Laboratory for Life Sciences III
Quantitative Analysis
Chemistry of Drugs and Poisons
Protein Techniques Laboratory
Nutritional Biochemistry
The Learn By Doing Lab Teaching Practicum
Gender, Race, Culture, Science and Technology
Biomedical Ethics
Professional Ethics
Ethics in the Sciences
Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models
Total units43

Consultation with advisor is recommended prior to selecting approved electives; bear in mind your selections may impact pursuit of post-baccalaureate studies and/or goals.


Consult with your faculty advisor for approval to use other relevant upper-division coursework in other departments.


Courses taken to meet a major or support requirement cannot be double-counted as an elective.


Maximum of 6 units may be applied toward Approved Electives from "by arrangement" courses: BIO 330, BIO 400, BIO 450, BIO 461, BIO 462, BIO 463, BIO 471, BIO 472, BIO 485, BIO 495, ENGR 322/SCM 302.