Western Intellectual Tradition Minor

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A maximum of 4 units from Group A and 4 units from Group B may be major or support courses in a student's degree program.

Group A
Select 12 units from at least two (2) of the following groupings:12
Great Books — Literature (C1): 1
Great Books I: Introduction to Classical Literature
Great Books II: Medieval to Enlightenment Literature
Great Books III: Romanticism to Modernism Literature
Great Books — Philosophy (C2): 1
Philosophical Classics: Knowledge and Reality
Philosophical Classics: Ethics and Political Philosophy
Science and Mathematics 1
Nature of Modern Math (B1) 1
Introductory Physics (B3) 1
Contemporary Physics for Nonscientists (B3) 1
College Physics I (B3) 1
General Physics I (B3 & B4) 1
General Physics IA (B3) 1
Political Science:
Basic Concepts of Political Thought
Western Civilization:
Western Civilization: Ancient to Renaissance
Western Civilization: Reformation to the Present
Group B
Select 16 units from at least three (3) of the following groupings:16
British and American Literature: 1
British Literature in the Age of Belief: to 1485 (C4 GWR) 1
British Literature in the Age of Discovery: 1485-1660 (C4 GWR) 1
British Literature in the Age of Enlightenment: 1660-1798 (C4 GWR) 1
British Literature in the Age of Romanticism: 1798-1832 (C4 GWR) 1
British Literature in the Age of Industrialism: 1832-1914 (C4 GWR) 1
Introduction to Shakespeare (C4 GWR) 1
The Literary Sources of the American Character: 1600-1865 (C4 GWR) 1
The Literary Sources of the American Character: 1865-1914 (C4 GWR) 1
The Bible as Literature and in Literature and the Arts (C4 GWR) 1
The Witch-Hunts in Europe, 1400-1800 (D5) 1
European Thought 1800-2000 (D5) 1
Modern Europe, 1789-1914 (D5) 1
The Scientific Revolution, c. 1500-1800 (D5) 1
Renaissance and Reformation Europe
Religious Wars and Absolutism
Language and Literature:
Significant Works in French (C4) 1
Significant Works in German (C4) 1
Significant Works in Spanish (C4) 1
Don Quixote
Early Greek Philosophy through Plato (C4) 1
Aristotle and Hellenistic Philosophy (C4) 1
Medieval Philosophy (C4) 1
Early Modern Rationalism (C4) 1
Early Modern Empiricism (C4) 1
Kant and 19th Century European Philosophy (C4) 1
History of Ethics (C4) 1
Special Topics in the History of Philosophy
Political Thought:
Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
Modern Political Thought
Early American Political Thought (D5) 1
Contemporary American Political Thought (D5) 1
Classical Rhetorical Theory
Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
American Political Rhetoric
Science and Mathematics:
Introduction to the History of Mathematics
Philosophy of Space, Time and Matter
Classical Mechanics I
Total units28

Satisfies General Education requirement units.