Anthropology and Geography Minor

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Required Courses
ANT 250Biological Anthropology4
GEOG 250Physical Geography4
Select from the following:4
Cultural Anthropology
World Prehistory
Human Geography
Ecological Courses
Select from the following:4
Human Cultural Adaptations
Climate and Humanity
Human Impact on the Earth
The Global Environment
Global and Regional Courses
Select from the following:4
California's Native Past
Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica
Indigenous South Americans
Native American Cultures
Geography of United States
Global Geography
Geography of California
Geography of Latin America
Geography of the Caribbean
Special Topics
Select from the following:4
Elements of Archaeology
Archaeological Field Methods
Archaeological Laboratory Methods
Sex, Death, and Human Nature
Human Behavioral Ecology
Culture and Health
Meaning, Gender, and Identity in Anthropological Theory
Geography of International Development
Global and Regional Climatology
Applied Meteorology and Climatology
Technical Skills
Select from the following:4
Applications in GIS
Applications in Remote Sensing
Advanced-Applications in GIS
Total units28