Psychology Minor

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Note:  No more than one minor course may be taken as credit/no credit. 

Required Courses
PSY 201General Psychology4
or PSY 202 General Psychology
Select from the following:4
Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Methods
Applied Statistics for the Life Sciences
Statistical Inference for Management I
Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
Select from the following:8
Social Psychology 1
Family Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Approved PSY Electives (300-400 level)
Select from the following:12
Psychology of Personal Development
Behavior in Organizations
Intergroup Dialogues
Personality 2
Psychology of Death
Environmental Psychology
Psychology of Stress
Psychology of Aging
Health Psychology
Psychology of Gender
Introduction to Positive Psychology
Research Methods in Psychology
Behavioral Effects of Psychoactive Drugs
Biopsychology 2
Group Dynamics
Conflict Resolution: Violent and Nonviolent
Applied Social Psychology
Introduction to Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Multicultural Psychology
Forensic Psychology
Abnormal Psychology 2
History and Systems of Psychology
Interpersonal Relationships in Childhood and Adolescence
Self and Identity
Social and Emotional Development
Language and Cognitive Development
Sensation and Perception
Assessing Children's Development and Environments
Psychological Testing
Family Intervention
Behavioral Disorders in Childhood
Memory and Cognition
Lifespan Theories
Child Abuse and Neglect
Cross-Cultural International Psychology
The Social Psychology of Prejudice
Total units28

Only one course can be counted in the minor.


If a course is taken to meet a minor requirement, it cannot be double-counted as an approved elective for the minor.