MS Electrical Engineering

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Program Learning Objectives

Our goal is to create a graduate degree program and a learning environment that result in graduates who possess the following:

  1. Technical competency in their chosen disciplines;
  2. Effective communication skills;
  3. Awareness of the impacts of technology on society and the environment;
  4. Understanding of ethics and responsible professional conduct;
  5. Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills;
  6. Appreciation of the need for life-long learning;
  7. Leadership/planning/decision-making skills;
  8. Critical thinking/complex problem-solving skills.
Required Courses
EE 525Stochastic Processes4
or EE 513 Control Systems Theory
EE 563Graduate Seminar (1, 1, 1)3
EE 599Design Project (Thesis) (or 9 units of approved Technical Electives and a comprehensive written examination) 19
Additional Electrical Engineering Graduate Courses
Select from the following: 212
Microwave Engineering
Computational Intelligence
Electric Machines Theory
Control Systems Theory
Advanced Topics in Automatic Control
Discrete Time Filters
Power System Protection
Advanced Analysis of Power Systems
Advanced Solar-Photovoltaic Systems Design
Computer Systems
Advanced Real-Time Operating Systems Design
Digital Systems Design
Solid State Electronics
Advanced Digital Communications
Advanced Topics in Power Electronics
Digital Image Processing
Microwave Device Electronics
Fourier Optics
Advanced Microwave Laboratory
Solid-state Electronics and VLSI Laboratory
Approved Technical Electives (400-500 level) 1
May be selected from the course list above and other advisor approved technical electives.17
Total units45