Computing for Interactive Arts Minor

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Required Courses
ART 182Foundation in Digital Art I4
ART 183Foundation in Digital Art II4
ART 384Digital 3D Modeling and Design4
CSC/CPE 101Fundamentals of Computer Science I4
CSC/CPE 102Fundamentals of Computer Science II4
CSC/CPE 103Fundamentals of Computer Science III4
CSC/ART 350Computing for Interactive Arts Capstone I2
CSC/ART 450Computing for Interactive Arts Capstone II2
Approved Art and Design Electives
Select from the following:8
Figure Drawing
Illustration I: Techniques and Tools
Digital Video I
Illustration II
Collaborative Studio: Rendering, Animation and Modeling
Approved Computer Science Electives
Select from the following:8
Game Design
Interactive Entertainment Engineering
Introduction to Computer Graphics
Advanced Rendering Techniques
Computer Animation
Real-Time 3D Computer Graphics Software
Current Topics in Computer Graphics
Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge Based Systems
Total units44