Computer Science Minor

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Required Courses
CSC/CPE 101Fundamentals of Computer Science I4
CSC/CPE 102Fundamentals of Computer Science II4
CSC/CPE 103Fundamentals of Computer Science III4
CSC/CPE 225Introduction to Computer Organization4
CSC/CPE 357Systems Programming4
Approved Electives 1
Select from the following:12
Advanced Topics in Systems for Computer Engineering
Professional Responsibilities
Personal Software Process
Individual Software Design and Development
Introduction to Software Engineering
Software Engineering I
Software Engineering II
Computer Architecture
Introduction to Computer Security
Cryptography Engineering
Music Programming
Discrete Structures
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Computer System Administration
Introduction to Database Systems
Database Modeling, Design and Implementation
Introduction to Distributed Computing
Game Design
Interactive Entertainment Engineering
Special Problems 2
Software Requirements Engineering
Software Construction
Software Deployment
Current Topics in Software Engineering
Software Evaluation
Autonomous Mobile Robotics
Applied Parallel Computing
Software Security
Current Topics in Computer Security
Programming Languages I
Programming Languages II
Introduction to Object Oriented Design Using Graphical User Interfaces
Mobile Application Development
Dynamic Web Development
Theory of Computation I
Bioinformatics Algorithms
Introduction to Operating Systems
Implementation of Operating Systems
Current Topics in Computer Systems
Introduction to Computer Networks
Advanced Computer Networks
Knowledge Discovery from Data
Database Management Systems Implementation
Introduction to Computer Graphics
Advanced Rendering Techniques
Computer Animation
Real-Time 3D Computer Graphics Software
Scientific and Information Visualization
Current Topics in Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics Seminar 3
Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge Based Systems
Current Topics in Human-Computer Interaction
User-Centered Interface Design and Development
Autonomous Robot Navigation
Human-Computer Interaction Theory and Design
Current Topics in Artificial Intelligence
Selected Advanced Topics 2
Software Engineering I
Software Engineering II
Computer Architecture
Computer Security
Languages and Translators
Theory of Computation II
Operating Systems
Database Systems
Computer Networks: Research Topics
Topics in Advanced Data Mining
Distributed Computing
Current Topics in Computer Science 2
Computer Graphics
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Support for Knowledge Management
Introduction to Natural Language Processing
Introduction to Data Science
Total units32

Choose from CSC/CPE upper-division courses open to CSC majors. Must be approved via the CSC minor form upon acceptance to the minor.


Must be approved via the CSC minor form, signed by the minor advisor.


Maximum of 2 units.