Indigenous Studies in Natural Resources and the Environment Minor

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Required Courses
ES 241Survey of Indigenous Studies4
ES/NR 360Ethnicity and the Land4
NR 141Introduction to Forest Ecosystem Management3
or NR 142 Environmental Management
Select from the following:8
Climate and Humanity
Indigenous Peoples and International Law and Policy
Fieldwork in Comparative Ethnic Studies
Fire and Society
Human Dimensions in Natural Resources Management
Conflict Management in Natural Resources
Environmental Ethics
Approved Electives 1
At least 4 units must be upper division (300-400).
Select from the following:8
Ethnic Studies
Planning for and with Multiple Publics
Survey of Latino/a Studies
Native American Cultural Images
Native American Architecture and Place
Critical Race Theory
The Social Construction of Whiteness
Research Methodology in Comparative Ethnic Studies
Indigenous Peoples and International Law and Policy
Fieldwork in Comparative Ethnic Studies
Natural Resource Management and Environmental Sciences
Physical Geography
Soil Erosion and Water Conservation
Climate and Humanity
Human Impact on the Earth
Geologic Mapping
Land and Resource Measurements
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Forest Practices and Environmental Protection
Natural Resource Ecology and Habitat Management
Fire Ecology
Fire and Society
Technology of Wildland Fire Management
Environmental Life-Cycle Analysis
Watershed Processes and Management
Water Systems Technology, Issues and Impacts
Human Dimensions in Natural Resources Management
Natural Resources Economics and Valuation
Conflict Management in Natural Resources
Wildland Fire Management
Environmental Law
Water Resource Law and Policy
Introductory Soil Science
Soil Morphology
Additional Electives
The Global Environment
Holistic Management
Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Cultural Resources Management
California's Native Past
Indigenous South Americans
Native American Cultures
Plant Diversity and Ecology
Wildlife Conservation Biology
Wildlife Ecology
Principles of Conservation Biology
Plants, People and Civilization
Ethnic American Literature
Literary Themes
Food and Nutrition: Customs and Culture
Geography of Resource Utilization
Survey of California History
Cal Poly Land: Nature, Technology, and Society
Landscape Ecology: Concepts, Issues and Interrelationships
Cultural Landscapes: People, Places and Ethical Decisions
Environmental Ethics
Global Political Issues
Environmental and Wilderness Education
Tourism and Protected Area Management
Chicano/Latino Writers in the United States
Global Race and Ethnic Relations
American Ethnic Minorities
Total units27

Consultation with the minor advisor is desirable and recommended in selecting classes. If any of these courses is taken to meet a major, support, or general education requirement in the degree, it cannot be double-counted as an approved elective.