MS Agriculture, Specialization in Animal Science

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Required Courses
AG 581Graduate Seminar2
AG 599Thesis9
ESCI 501Research Planning4
STAT 511Statistical Methods4
STAT 513Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models4
Approved Electives 1
Select from the following:22
Individual Study
Instructional Processes in Agricultural Education
Graduate Seminar in Animal Science
Applied Biotechnology in Animal Science
Domestic Livestock Endocrinology
Applied Animal Embryology and Assisted Reproduction
HACCP for Meat and Poultry Operations
Animal Metabolism and Nutrition
Systemic Animal Physiology
Immunology and Diseases of Animals
Advanced Immunology and Diseases of Animals
Computer Applications in Animal Science: Spreadsheet Analysis
Individual Study in Animal Science
Research Experience for Regenerative Medicine Students
Regenerative Medicine Internship
Molecular & Cellular Biology
Developmental Biology Seminar
Nutritional Biochemistry
Applications in Biometrics and Econometrics
Any 400 and 500 level courses approved by the student’s graduate committee 1
Total units45