Nutrition Science Concentration

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FSN 416Community Nutrition4
FSN 429Clinical Nutrition I4
FSN 430Clinical Nutrition II4
BIO 231Human Anatomy and Physiology I5
BIO 232Human Anatomy and Physiology II5
BIO 302Human Genetics4-5
or BIO 303 Survey of Genetics
or BIO 351 Principles of Genetics
PHYS 121College Physics I4
Approved electives 1
Select from the following:19-20
Plants, Food, and Biotechnology
Applied Biotechnology in Animal Science
Diversity and History of Life
Introduction to Organismal Form and Function
Health Professions Shadowing
Biology of Cancer
Genetic Engineering Technology
Developmental Biology
Functional Histology
Cell Biology
Gene Expression Laboratory
Legal Responsibilities of Business
Financial Accounting for Nonbusiness Majors
General Chemistry for Agriculture and Life Science III
Organic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry III
Quantitative Analysis
Organic Chemistry Laboratory III
Quantitative Analysis
Molecular Biology
Chemistry of Drugs and Poisons
Instrumental Organic Qualitative Analysis
Protein Techniques Laboratory
Molecular Biology Laboratory
Biochemical Pharmacology
Health Communication
Economics of Poverty, Discrimination and Immigration
Advanced Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism
Nutrition Counseling
Professional Practice in Nutrition and Dietetics
Responding to Emergencies: Comprehensive First Aid, CPR, AED
Functional Anatomy
Physiology of Exercise
Pathophysiology and Exercise
Drugs in Society
Motor Development
Motor Learning and Control
Calculus for the Life Sciences I
Calculus I
Calculus for the Life Sciences II
Calculus II
Calculus III
General Microbiology II
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Public Health Microbiology
General Virology
Food Microbiology
Medical Microbiology
Microbial Biotechnology
Biomedical Ethics
College Physics II
College Physics III
General Psychology
General Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Psychology of Death
Psychology of Stress
Psychology of Aging
Behavioral Effects of Psychoactive Drugs
Multicultural Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Child Abuse and Neglect
Introduction to Health Profession Careers
Public Health Fieldwork
Sociology of the Life Cycle
One quarter of foreign language
Total units50