MS Biomedical Engineering

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Required Courses
BMED 460Engineering Physiology 14
BMED 530Biomaterials4
BMED 550Current and Evolving Topics in Biomedical Engineering4
BMED 563Biomedical Engineering Graduate Seminar2
BMED 599Design Project (Thesis) 29
Approved Engineering, Science and Mathematics Electives
A minimum of 8 units from an advisor approved list of mathematics, statistics, biology, or analytic engineering courses, with at least 4 units at the 500 level. Typical courses could be, but are not limited to:22
Applied Finite Element Analysis
Bioinformatics Algorithms
Applied Statistical Methods in Engineering
Partial Differential Equations
Analytic Methods in Applied Mathematics
Numerical Methods in Applied Mathematics
Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models
Remaining elective units are advisor approved. 3
Total units45

BMED 460 is not required for BMED undergraduates as it is a core course in the major.


BMED 591 and/or BMED 592 can substitute for up to 4 units of thesis. Recommended for BMED BS 4+1 students.


BMED 520 is required for non-BMED undergraduate majors.