Master of Public Policy

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Program Learning Objectives

  1. MPP students will be able to think critically and creatively about public policy theory, analysis and application. In particular, students will develop knowledge and skills in quantitative and qualitative analysis, argumentation, and the process and practice of research in general and as applied to a substantive policy area.
  2. MPP students will develop skills for the clear, concise, and effective communication of ideas. This includes the communication of evidence, analysis, and arguments via written, visual, and oral methods.
  3. MPP students will demonstrate expertise in the field of public policy, including an appreciation of the connections between a particular substantive area and the social, political, economic, and technological context in which it exists.
  4. MPP students will develop leadership capacities that will prepare them to work productively as individuals and in groups.
  5. MPP students will develop tools that prepare them to participate constructively in the process of creating, implementing and evaluating public policy.
  6. MPP students will learn to recognize and reconcile diverse perspectives, and the tradeoffs they entail, in pursuit of the public interest.
  7. MPP students will utilize internship experiences and course knowledge to prepare them for dynamic and professional careers in the ever-changing field of public policy.
Required Courses
POLS 510Research Design4
POLS 515Public Policy4
POLS 518Public Policy Analysis5
POLS 540Leadership and Management in Public Policy2
POLS 550Regulatory and Economic Policy4
POLS 560Quantitative Methods5
POLS 586Policy Internship4
POLS 590Graduate Seminar8
POLS 595Directed Readings for MPP Comprehensive Exams2
Approved Electives
Additional 400 and 500-level courses, to be selected with graduate advisor's approval. 12
At least 4 units must be at the 500 level. This may include 4 additional units of internship.
Total units50