English Minor

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Required Courses
Lower Division World Literature
Select from the following:4
Introduction to Classical Literature
Introduction to Medieval through Enlightenment Literature
Introduction to Romantic through Modernist Literature
British Literature
Select from the following:4
British Literature: Beginnings to 1485
British Literature: 1485-1660
British Literature: 1660-1798
British Literature: 1798-1832
British Literature: 1832-1914
British Literature: 1914-Present
Introduction to Shakespeare
American Literature
Select from the following:4
American Literature: Beginnings-1865
American Literature: 1865-1914
American Literature: 1914-1956
American Literature: 1956-Present
Ethnic American Literature
African American Literature
Asian American Literature
World Literature, Modern Literature and/or Film
Select from the following:4
Women Writers of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
Gender in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature
The Modern Novel
Modern Poetry
Modern Drama
World Cinema
Film Styles and Genres
Film Directors
Literary Themes
Diversity in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature
LGBT Literature and Media
Select from the following:4
The Linguistic Structure of Modern English
History of the English Language
Composition, Creative Writing, Technical Communications
Select from the following:4
Corporate Communication
Advanced Rhetorical Inquiry and Composing
Technical Editing
Information Design and Production
Creative Nonfiction
Fiction Writing
Poetry Writing
One additional 4 unit course from the lists above4
Total units28