Environmental Horticulture Science Concentration

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AEPS 123Landscape Installation and Maintenance4
AEPS 127Horticulture and Landscape Design4
AEPS 233Plant Materials I4
AEPS 234Plant Materials II4
AEPS 245Horticultural Production Techniques4
AEPS 350Abiotic Plant Problems3
AEPS 427Disease and Pest Control Systems for Ornamental Plants4
Approved Electives 1
Select from the following (at least 8 units must be upper-division):16
Landscape Construction
Special Problems for Undergraduates 2
Environmental Horticulture Enterprise Project I
Environmental Horticulture Enterprise Project II
Floral Design I
Floral Design II
Vertebrate Pest Management
Landscape Contracting
Greenhouse Vegetable Production
Internship in Horticulture and Crop Science 3
Principles of Greenhouse Environment
Cut Flower Production
Potted Plant Production
Turfgrass Management
Native Plants for California Landscapes
Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates 2
Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops
Nursery Crop Production
Advances in Plant Pathology
Specialized Operations for Golf Courses and Athletic Fields
Park and Public Space Management
Biological Control for Pest Management
Landscape Irrigation
Principles of Marketing
Total units43