Agricultural Communication Minor

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Required Courses
AGC 205Agricultural Communications4
AGC 207Software Applications for Agricultural Publications2
AGC 225Digital Communication in Agriculture and Science4
AGC 301New Media Communication Strategies in Agriculture4
AGC 404Foundations of Agricultural Leadership3
Approved Electives
Select from one of the following lists, based upon major (at least 8 units must be at the 300-400 level):13
Majors in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (at least 2 courses must be selected from COMS, ENGL, or JOUR)
Agribusiness Marketing Research Methods
California Fairgrounds and Expositions
Fairgrounds and Facility Management
Internship in Agricultural Communications
Agricultural Publications
Multimedia Storytelling in Agriculture and Science
Presentation Methods in Agricultural Communication
Crisis Communication in Food and Agriculture
Agricultural Communications Enterprise Management
Organizational Communication
Small Group Communication
Quantitative Research Methods in Communication Studies
Media Criticism
Environmental Communication
Advanced Organizational Communication
Corporate Communication
Technical Editing
News Reporting and Writing
Multicultural Society and the Mass Media
Media, Self and Society
Introduction to Multimedia Journalism
Web Audio and Video
Public Affairs Reporting
Public Relations
Contemporary Advertising
Broadcast News
Public Relations Writing and Editing
Social Media for Strategic Communication
Broadcast Announcing and Production
Advanced News Reporting Practicum
Visual Communication for the Mass Media
Feature Writing
Public Relations Campaigns
Strategic Event Planning
Majors in a college other than the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
Principles of Organic Crop Production
Introduction to Sales
Global Agricultural Marketing and Trade
Agribusiness Marketing Planning
Software Applications for Agricultural Publications
Internship in Agricultural Communications
Agricultural Publications
Presentation Methods in Agricultural Communication
Principles of Animal Science
Introduction to Beef Production
Introduction to Poultry Management
Irrigation Water Management
Energy for a Sustainable Society
General Dairy Manufacturing
General Dairy Husbandry
Introduction to Human Nutrition
Elements of Food Processing
Elements of Food Safety
Digital Publishing Systems
Introduction to Forest Ecosystem Management
Environmental Management
Natural Resource Ecology and Habitat Management
Fire and Society
Water Resources Technology and Society
Human Dimensions in Natural Resources Management
Water Resource Law and Policy
Forage Crops
Organic Enterprise Project
Environmental Horticulture
Introductory Soil Science
Soils in Environmental and Agricultural Systems
Total units30