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KINE 145. Intermediate Swimming. 1 unit


Enrollment is open to all students except for designated intramural courses. Courses carry 1 unit of credit, meet 2 hours per week, and are designed to develop skill, knowledge of rules, background and analysis of techniques, and desirable attitudes toward physical fitness and participation in physical activities. The beginning course or its equivalent is prerequisite to the intermediate, and the intermediate to the advanced. Prerequisite may be waived by consent of the instructor. No more than two different activity courses nor more than one section of an individual activity course may be taken for credit in any one quarter. A student may not enroll simultaneously in the same quarter for a beginning, intermediate and/or advanced activity course. Any level of an activity course can be repeated only once for credit. Students not majoring in kinesiology may apply a maximum of 12 units of credit earned in general and intramural activity courses toward the bachelor's degree. All basic instructional courses (KINE 100-176) are evaluated on a Credit/No Credit basis. A miscellaneous course fee may be required-see the Schedule of Classes.

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