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ENGL 96. Writing and Rhetoric Tutorial. 1 unit


Term Typically Offered: W, SP

Directed, weekly practice in writing in a laboratory environment. Open to all students enrolled in ENGL 92, ENGL 133, or ENGL 134; required of all students scoring below 147 on the English Placement Test (EPT). Students scoring below 147 must enroll in the Writing and Rhetoric Stretch Program and take ENGL 96 during the second quarter of the stretch class, concurrently with ENGL 133 or ENGL 134. Not for baccalaureate credit. Credit/No Credit grading only. 1 laboratory. Concurrent: ENGL 92, ENGL 133, or ENGL 134. Formerly ENGL 103.

Faculty and Staff

...Nancy Lucas, English 1995-96 David Keeling, Chemistry...2008-09 Patrice L. Engle, Psychology and Child...

Academic Placement

...ENGL 92 / ENGL 93 or ENGL 96 results in a grade of F in ENGL...