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AGED 410. Computer Applications in Agricultural Education. 2 units

Term Typically Offered: W

Prerequisite: AGED 102. Recommended: AGED 303.

Development of agricultural teacher candidate's teaching effectiveness utilizing computer applications. Analysis and specialization of hardware. Instruction in digital technology, network systems and software applicable to teaching agriculture at the secondary level. 2 activities.

EDUC 410. Social, Historical and Ethical Perspectives on Teaching and Learning. 4 units

Term Typically Offered: F, W, SP

Prerequisite: Admission to the Single Subject Credential Program.

Inquiry into the social, historical, philosophical and psychological foundations of education with an emphasis on applying educational theory to practice. Prepares Single Subject Credential Program students for classroom teaching. 4 lectures.

STAT 410. Statistics Education: Pedagogy, Content, Technology, and Assessment. 4 units

Term Typically Offered: SP

Prerequisite: one of the following: STAT 130, STAT 217, STAT 218, STAT 251, STAT 301, STAT 312, STAT 321, STAT 511, STAT 512 or STAT 542.

Topics related to content, pedagogy, technology, and assessment for teaching statistics in grades 6-16 in accordance with current standards and research for teaching statistics including the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. 4 lectures.