MS Business and Technology

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Program Learning Objectives

Graduates Are Prepared To:

1.1 Demonstrate substantive business knowledge and applied skills in operations and packaging technologies within a global environment.
2.1 Generate creative and practical solutions by applying decision tools and research methodology.
3.1 Recognize and apply appropriate solutions to ethical issues, including: workplace and product safety; conflicts of interest; interaction with others; environmental sustainability; and professional integrity.
4.1 Demonstrate professional and technical written communication skills.
4.2 Demonstrate professional oral communication skills and presentation of technical information skills.

Required Courses
IT 531Lean Six Sigma Value Chain Management4
IT 532Technology Entrepreneurship4
IT 533Industrial Processes and Materials4
IT 534Advanced Packaging Dynamics for Distribution4
IT 545Advanced Product Design and Development4
GSB 583Management of Human Resources4
Select one of the following tracks:21
Applied Research and Development Track
Business and Technology Project I
Business and Technology Project II
Business and Technology Project III
Effective Communication Skills for Managers
International Business Tour
Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models
Working Professional Track
Applied Industry Project I
Applied Industry Project II
Accounting for Managers
The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business
Managerial Finance
Total units45