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Spanish is a language used frequently in elementary classrooms across the state of California and connects students to a greater global community. The Spanish Concentration isupports a minor in Latin American Studies. Meet with an advisor if planning to use this concentration for a minor in Latin American Studies. This concentration develops language proficiency, literacy and culture.

Entry into the Spanish Authorization for Bilingual Educators (SABE) program requires proficiency in Spanish. LS students may be interested in adding this authorization to their future credential. 

SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II4
SPAN 203Intermediate Spanish III4
or SPAN 206 Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPAN 233Introduction to Hispanic Readings (C1) 14
Select from the following:8
Social, Historical and Cultural Influences on Latino/a Students in Education 2
Advanced Composition in Spanish
Advanced Conversation and Composition in Spanish
Introduction to English-Spanish Translation
Significant Works in Spanish (C4) 3
Spanish and Latin American Film (C4) 3
Chicano/a Authors (C4, USCP) 3
Hispanic Literature in English Translation (C4) 3
Chicano/Latino Writers in the United States (C4, USCP) 3
Introduction to Creative Writing in Spanish
Advanced Topics in Spanish Linguistics
Advanced Literature in Spanish
Don Quixote
Selected Advanced Topics
Humanities in World Cultures (C4) 3
Humanities in Chicano/a Culture (C4, USCP) 3
Selected Advanced Topics
Total units20