Biology Concentration

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The discipline of life science or biology deals with the origin, development, structure, function, classification, and distribution of living organisms as represented by plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Taking coursework in the sub-areas of anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, ecology, and genetics can help develop knowledge in this area that may bridge to K-8 curricula.

BIO 302Human Genetics4
MCRO 221Microbiology4
Select from the following: 112
Plant Diversity and Ecology
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Biology of Cancer
Genetic Engineering Technology (B7) 2
Plants, People and Civilization
Plant Ecology
General Entomology
Public Health Microbiology
Food Microbiology
World Aquaculture: Applications, Methodologies and Trends (B7) 2
Technologies for Ocean Discovery (B7) 2
Communicating Ocean Sciences to Informal Audiences
Total units20