Exercise Science Concentration

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KINE 304Pathophysiology and Exercise3
KINE 308Motor Development3
KINE 402Motor Learning and Control4
KINE 408Exercise and Health Gerontology4
KINE 445Electrocardiography4
KINE 449Exercise Prescription and Leadership3
KINE 451Nutrition for Fitness and Sport3
Approved Electives 1
Select from the following:6
Introduction to Organismal Form and Function
Human Genetics
Survey of Genetics
Principles of Genetics
General Chemistry for Agriculture and Life Science II
General Chemistry for Agriculture and Life Science III
Survey of Organic Chemistry
Survey of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Media and Technology in Science and Human Performance
Worksite Health Promotion Programs
General Microbiology I
College Physics II
College Physics III
Total units30

 Students seeking admission to graduate or professional degree programs in the allied health professions may need additional coursework to meet admission requirements.  Please consult an advisor for assistance.