MS Psychology

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Program Learning Objectives

  • Appreciation of human diversity and multicultural perspectives
  • Respect for ethical standards in psychological research and practice
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to understand psychological research and literature
  • Knowledge about how couples and families behave in functional and dysfunctional patterns
  • Knowledge of theories and research on description and explanation of personality
  • Understanding psychological measurement and assessment, including reliability, validity, and standardization
  • Understanding how conditioning, reinforcement, discrimination, and aversion affect behavior
  • Knowledge of psychological disorders, their causes, and approaches to treatment
Required Courses
PSY 504Psychopharmacology4
PSY 520Marriage & Family Therapy: Professional Identity, Theory and Practice4
PSY 535Child and Adolescent Psychopathology4
PSY 555Counseling & Communication4
PSY 556Multicultural Counseling and Psychology4
PSY 560Individual Therapy: Theory and Application4
PSY 564Ethics and the Law: MF Therapy4
PSY 565Diagnosis and Treatment: Psychopathology4
PSY 566Group Therapy: Theory and Application4
PSY 569Counseling Clinic Practicum (3) (3)6
PSY 571Advanced Family Therapy: Theory and Application4
PSY 572Child and Adolescent Therapy: Theory and Application4
PSY 574Psychological Assessment4
PSY 575Gender and Couple Therapy4
PSY 576Traineeship: Marital and Family Therapy (4) (4) (4) (4)16
PSY 577Community Mental Health: Issues and Practices4
PSY 585Research Methods for Counseling Psychology4
PSY 588Assessment and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders4
Select from the following:4
Thesis 1
Written comprehensive exam and one of the following:
Advanced Psychotherapies
or an approved 400-level PSY course
Total units90

Must register for thesis credit each quarter of advisement.