MS Printed Electronics and Functional Imaging

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Program Learning Objectives

  1. Critically analyze, design and develop innovative applications based on theoretical foundations.
  2. Effectively write scholarly research in functional printing.
  3. Evaluate, develop, and justify appropriate production strategies for functional printing.
  4. Evaluate fundamental business practices for functional printing.
  5. Orally communicate scholarly research in functional printing.
  6. Locate, analyze, and synthesize market trends in functional printing.
Required Courses
GRC 501Survey of Functional Printing2
GRC 502Orientation to Functional Printing2
GRC 510Materials for Functional Printing4
GRC 512Printing and Coating Technologies4
GRC 514Optical and Electrical Patterning4
GRC 520Functional Printing Product and Business Development4
GRC 530Functional Printing Workflows4
GRC 560Research Methods in Printed Electronics and Functional Imaging2
GRC 596Research Project in Printed Electronics and Functional Imaging3
Approved electives
Select from the following:16
Special Problems in Graphic Communication for Graduate Students
Current Trends in Printed Electronics
Current Trends in Active Packaging
Current Trends in Security and Anti-Counterfeiting
Cooperative Education Experience
Design of Experiments
Advanced Electronic Manufacturing
Microelectronics and Electronics Packaging
Total units45