MS Engineering, Specialization in Integrated Technology Management

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Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Summarize and synthesize existing methods/solutions of engineering problems.
  2. Solve complex technical and operational problems to meet both business and customer needs.
  3. Analyze and interpret quantitative and qualitative data to make sound engineering and business decisions.
  4. Communicate engineering ideas/solutions effectively across the entire enterprise.
  5. Assess tools and techniques, resources, and organizational constraints to successfully lead and manage multidisciplinary team projects.
Required Courses
IME 503Applied Statistical Methods in Engineering 14
IME 507Graduate Seminar2
IME 556Technological Project Management 24
IME 577Engineering Entrepreneurship4
IME 580Manufacturing Systems 34
IME 596Graduate Project/Internship5
Approved Electives 422
Approved Electives
Individual Study
Systems Engineering I
Systems Engineering II
Advanced Information Systems for Operations
Design of Experiments
Advanced Operations Research
Applied Reliability Engineering
Applied Human Factors
Advanced Topics in Engineering Economy
Advanced Topics in Simulation
Selected Advanced Topics
Selected Advanced Laboratory
Total units45

Students with a B+ or better grade in IME 326 or IME 327 may substitute IME 503 with another statistics related course such as IME 527, STAT 416, STAT 418STAT 419STAT 530, or STAT 531 upon approval of the graduate coordinator.


Students with a B+ or better grade in IME 303 may substitute IME 556 with another approved technical elective course.


Course cannot be taken by students who have already received credit for IME 410.


 Students may take other 400 or 500 level courses after consultation with and approval by advisor and the graduate coordinator.