Mechanical Engineering - General Concentration

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ME 326Intermediate Dynamics4
ME 418Implementation of Mechanical Controls4
or ME 419 Advanced Control Systems
ME 428Senior Design Project I 42
ME 429Senior Design Project II 42
ME 430Senior Design Project III 42
Technical Electives 1,2,3
Select from the following:11-12
Select 8-12 units from the following ME courses:
Introduction to Mechatronics
Fundamentals of HVAC Systems
Stress Analysis
Orthopedic Biomechanics
Applied Finite Element Analysis
Experimental Methods in Mechanical Design I
Composite Materials Analysis and Design
Energy Conversion
Ground Vehicle Dynamics and Design
Robotics: Fundamentals and Applications
Mechanical Design Techniques
Enhanced Oil Recovery
Drilling Engineering
Petroleum Production Engineering
Nuclear Energy Power Generation
Nuclear Power Plant Design
Nuclear Power Plant Operations
Single Track Vehicle Design
Design of Machinery
Combustion Engine Design
Solar Thermal Power Systems
Trends and Opportunities in HVAC&R
Benchmarking and Assessment of Building Energy Performance
Introduction to Building Energy Modeling
HVAC Air and Water Distribution System Design
Refrigeration Principles and Design
Building Heating and Cooling Loads
Wind Energy Engineering
Continuum Mechanics and Elasticity
Inelastic Stress Analysis
Finite Element Analysis
System Dynamics
Mechanical Control System Design
Advanced Vibrations
Machinery Vibration and Rotor Dynamics
Viscous Flow
Advanced Thermodynamics
Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Compressible Flow
Advanced Heat Transfer I
Advanced Heat Transfer II
Computational Heat Transfer
Advanced Heat Transfer III
Fluid Power Control
Select 0 - 4 units from:
Any upper division or graduate level course in the College of Engineering with the exception of GE Area B7, ENGR 301, senior project, thesis, special problems, and coop courses.
Total units25-26