Astronautics Concentration

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AERO 351Introduction to Orbital Mechanics4
AERO 353Spacecraft Environment4
AERO 354Space Environment Laboratory2
AERO 402Spacecraft Propulsion Systems5
AERO 421Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control4
AERO 446Introduction to Space Systems4
AERO 447Spacecraft Design I4
AERO 448Spacecraft Design II3
AERO 449Spacecraft Design III3
Astronautics Approved Electives 1
Select from the following:8
Aerodynamics and Flight Performance
Aircraft Development History
Creative Problem Solving in Engineering Design 2
Supersonic and Hypersonic Aerodynamics
Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics
Reentry Aerodynamics
Flight Test
Aircraft Dynamics and Control
Aircraft Performance
Advanced Composite Structures Analysis
Aerospace Structural Analysis III
Aerospace Numerical Analysis
Introduction to Aerospace Systems Engineering
Spaceflight Dynamics II
Selected Advanced Topics
Systems Engineering I
Systems Engineering II
Aerospace Vehicle Software Application
Applications of Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Continuum Mechanics
Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization
Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics and Control
Boundary-Layer Theory
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Spacecraft Thermal/Fluid Control
Laminar Flow Aircraft Development
Advanced Aerospace Composite Design
Finite Elements for Aerospace Structural Analysis
Aerospace Structural Dynamics Analysis
Advanced Aerospace Structural Analysis
Elements of Rocket Propulsion
Air Breathing Propulsion
Global Positioning Satellite Navigation Systems
Advanced Control Theory
Advanced Orbital Mechanics
Advanced Spacecraft Dynamics and Control
Vehicle Integration and Testing
Space Operations
Advanced Topics in Aircraft Design
Advanced Topics in Spacecraft Design
Launch Vehicle and Missile Design
Aerodynamic Research and Development I
Aerodynamic Research and Development II
Selected Advanced Topics 2
Selected Advanced Topics Laboratory 2
Total units41

Consultation with advisor is recommended prior to selecting approved electives; bear in mind your selections may impact pursuit of post-baccalaureate studies and/or goals. Only 4 units of 300-level coursework is allowed as an approved elective.


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