Plant Protection Minor

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Required Courses
AEPS 120Principles of Horticulture and Crop Science4
AEPS 313Agricultural Entomology4
AEPS 321Weed Biology and Management4
AEPS/BOT 323Plant Pathology4
Elective Courses
Agricultural Production
Select from the following: 14
Plant Propagation
Pomology I
Forage Crops
California Vegetable Production
Environmental Horticulture
Commercial Seed Production
Horticultural Production Techniques
California Fruit Growing
Introduction to Vegetable Science
Cut Flower Production
Citrus and Avocado Fruit Production
Cropping Systems
Introduction to Forest Ecosystem Management
Forest Practices and Environmental Protection
Urban Forestry
Basic Viticulture
Enterprise Project
Select from the following: 12
Fruit Enterprise Project
Organic Enterprise
Vegetable Enterprise Project
Viticultural Practices
Environmental Horticulture Enterprise Project II
Pest Management
Select from the following: 18
Vertebrate Pest Management
Advanced Weed Management
Grape Pest Management
Disease and Pest Control Systems for Ornamental Plants
Insect Pest Management
Biological Control for Pest Management
Total units30

Approval of minor advisor required.