Applied Food Technology Concentration

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FSN 341Fermented Foods4
or FSN 410 Nutritional Implications of Food Industry Practices
FSN 444Food Engineering4
FSN 474Advanced Food Processing4
Approved electives
Select from the following:8
Viticultural Practices
California Fruit Growing
Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops
Agricultural Economics
Food and Fiber Marketing
Meat Science
Processed Meat Products
HACCP for Meat and Poultry Operations
Legal Responsibilities of Business
Human Resources Management
General Chemistry for Agriculture and Life Science III
Organic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry III
Organic Chemistry Laboratory III
General Dairy Husbandry
General Dairy Manufacturing
Physical and Chemical Properties of Dairy Products
Cheese and Fermented Dairy Foods
Concentration and Fractionation Technology
Dairy Microbiology
Fundamentals of Food
Enterprise Project
Cereal and Bakery Science
Advanced Culinary Principles and Practice
Contemporary Issues in Food Choice and Preparation
Brewing Science
Institutional Foodservice I
Institutional Foodservice II
Brewing Methods
Advanced Enterprise Project
Nutrition and Foodservice Systems Management
Packaging Fundamentals
Packaging Polymers and Processing
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Public Health Microbiology
World Food Systems
General Psychology
General Psychology
One quarter of foreign language
Total units20

FSN 341 may not be double-counted as an approved elective.