MPS Dairy Products Technology

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NOTE: Applications for admission to the MPS Dairy Products Technology program are not currently being accepted. Contact the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences for further information.

Program Learning Objectives

After successfully completing the Master of Professional Studies in Dairy Product Technology, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate mastery of the technical foundational knowledge necessary to enter a management role in large-scale dairy food manufacturing organizations. Areas of study will include:

  • Chemistry, biochemistry and the chemical changes that occur in dairy foods induced by processing
  • Analytical chemistry and instrumentation
  • Microbiology and the role in food processing and food safety
  • Dairy food ingredient functionality
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Sanitary design and cleaning
  • Raw material receiving and control
  • Food process quality
  • Unit operations in dairy foods processing

2. Employ leadership principles and recognize the importance of leadership in management.
3. Apply critical thinking and analytical skills to solve problems, evaluate alternatives, synthesize solutions, and predict outcomes in a large dairy food processing environment.
4. Develop a strong awareness of the dairy food industry's place in society, and apply this awareness to formulate plans that benefit the dairy industry.

Required Courses
DSCI 501Dairy Chemistry3
DSCI 502Dairy Chemistry Laboratory2
DSCI 510Dairy Foods: Issues and Practices2
DSCI 520Dairy Processing and Manufacturing I3
DSCI 521Dairy Processing and Manufacturing II4
DSCI 524Dairy Processing and Manufacturing III4
DSCI 535Dairy Foods Ingredient Functionality4
DSCI 539Graduate Internship in Dairy Science6
DSCI 540Graduate Dairy Microbiology4
DSCI 541Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Food Safety4
DSCI 565Industrial Plant Considerations for Sustainable Operation4
DSCI 581Graduate Seminar in Dairy Science (1, 1, 1)3
DSCI 582Dairy Processing and Plant Management2
Total units45